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whats up guys, got the fake id, now lets go and get some drink's
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"Mclovin" wrote
at 5:58 PM, Friday January 2, 2009 EST

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3d, 4d]
elzix folds
"Mclovin" calls
Kizzadaman folds
J Elway calls
Gliss raises $2,500
charliedontsurf folds
"Mclovin" calls
J Elway calls
Dealing flop: [Td, 5h, 2s]
Gliss bets $2,000
"Mclovin" calls
J Elway folds
Dealing turn: [Qs]
Gliss bets $2,000
"Mclovin" calls
Dealing river: [6h]
Gliss bets $3,000
"Mclovin" raises $28,000
Gliss calls
"Mclovin" shows [3d, 4d] for a straight six high
Gliss shows [Qc, Kc] for a pair of Queens
"Mclovin" wins main pot $74,000
"Mclovin" wrote
at 2:58 AM, Wednesday December 31, 2008 EST

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [6d, 6s]
"Mclovin" raises $400
Lblack calls
Dealing flop: [4d, 6h, Jd]
Lblack bets $500
"Mclovin" raises $1,825
Lblack calls
Dealing turn: [6c]
Dealing river: [Jh]
Lblack shows [Ac, 2d] for two pair, Jacks and sixs
"Mclovin" shows [6d, 6s] for four sixs
"Mclovin" wins main pot $4,500
"Mclovin" stands up
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