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JuliaMarie33 wrote
at 6:31 PM, Sunday May 29, 2016 EDT
Hey man looks like youre never on here anymore... thought i would leave you a message anyway! Hope all is well :)
Bettyke wrote
at 4:32 PM, Thursday December 9, 2010 EST
Sure, darling. Have a great Holiday!
reid10 wrote
at 12:38 PM, Thursday December 9, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [2h, 9h]
reid10 calls
itisme calls
bwana1964dg folds
Muted folds
jazzy15 raises $6,000
DrRich folds
reid10 calls
itisme folds
Dealing flop: [5s, 5d, Kh]
jazzy15 checks
reid10 bets $7,000
jazzy15 calls
Dealing turn: [Th]
jazzy15 bets $1,000
reid10 raises $12,000
jazzy15 calls
Dealing river: [Jh]
jazzy15 bets $70,000
reid10 calls
jazzy15 shows [Ah, Qh] for a straight flush Ace high
reid10 shows [2h, 9h] for a flush King high
jazzy15 wins main pot $193,000
VNH jzzy, that was sore no lube
JuliaMarie33 wrote
at 5:42 PM, Saturday November 27, 2010 EST
hey man lol awww im flatterrrreddd :P
I've been busy with school and shit and havent really had time to come on here! but i saw that you posted something on my wall in my email so i thought that i hada come on and reply lol. DUDE THAT SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. You break em? or like whats up with em? And RAWR its MASSACHUSETTS BITCH lol and its pretty fucking awesome thanks for asking :P
JuliaMarie33 wrote
at 2:12 PM, Sunday November 7, 2010 EST
Hey Slut.
reid10 wrote
at 6:17 AM, Thursday September 30, 2010 EDT
JAZZY WHERE ARE U BRO..... People be using lube bro come back with some SAND...
JuliaMarie33 wrote
at 6:32 PM, Sunday September 19, 2010 EDT
Lol idk im taking a month off :] Im an ADDICT! Why your old ass miss me? Ive been talking to Hector and going to school n homework and shit:p I didnt think anyone would notice :O
tomy jons wrote
at 12:45 AM, Friday June 12, 2009 EDT
giv me a ring m8
jazzy15 wrote
at 7:13 PM, Thursday January 8, 2009 EST
how to join in
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