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TayBren13 wrote
at 7:19 PM, Friday December 17, 2010 EST
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! <3
thebeatsurrender wrote
at 8:15 PM, Tuesday October 5, 2010 EDT
senilefelines wrote
at 2:14 PM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT
Yayyyy!!!!! So glad to have met you and have had the pleasure of playing with you!! You are so much fun!!
TayBren13 wrote
at 5:30 PM, Friday September 17, 2010 EDT
HB! I know you don't play anymore but I just couldn't let your wall go Tayless :) Hope all is well. Miss you bunches <3
tashabee wrote
at 7:12 AM, Thursday April 1, 2010 EDT
You left and still made it to the top 10! Betty left when she got to your score, IDK what happened! love ya,your big sis and dreadful role model, Tashaxxx
bettyblue wrote
at 8:51 PM, Thursday March 25, 2010 EDT
I miss you Maya, things change all the time around here, it'll be nice people and fun again soon. I'll keep you posted
Gurgi wrote
at 4:32 PM, Wednesday March 24, 2010 EDT
woof woof woof!
PM325 wrote
at 5:54 PM, Monday March 22, 2010 EDT
Hey Maya, yes maam I heard. You are hot news here today : ) Everybody's gonna miss you. I left you a note and a song in your forum post. Heres another one though....


I miss you already.
purplechick wrote
at 4:22 PM, Monday March 22, 2010 EDT
Love you too, dear. And will miss you terribly. I can't promise not to beg you to come back. I can't stand the thought of not seeing another marshy drawing. Hopefully the site will be better managed soon and be a more enjoyable place to be again.

We'll definitely keep in touch though. You're stuck with me ... i've already been fitted for my bridesmaid's dress! And Tay's fits like a glove. :)
TheCinders wrote
at 1:30 AM, Thursday March 11, 2010 EST
I <3 your lovedino avvy! And I miss playing wif you here and at fb darlinghead. :)
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