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J.R.21 finishes the tournament 1st and wins $25,000
@VunnamRamu on Saturday May 22, 2021
Justin, Jock, Judd, Jasper, Jeremy, Jacob, Juxterpose, Jindabye, Jewel, Janey's gun, Jon, Jeremiah, Jezzabell, JoaB, Job, Joahab, Joash, Jehoash, Jenius, Jonah?
Created on Saturday February 26, 2011
Jamezino27 folds J.R.21 calls Daniel777 calls PATTIE CAKES folds wesssssy calls TakeTheAce raises $8,050 daplaya folds spelkort sits out spelkort folds J.R.21 calls Daniel777 calls wesssssy folds Dealing flop: [6c, 5c, 6s] Dealing turn: [2s] Dealing river: [Ad] J.R.21 shows [Qd, 4h] for a pair of sixs Daniel777 shows [7c, Jc] for a pair of sixs TakeTheAce shows [7d, As] for two pair, Aces and sixs TakeTheAce wins main pot $4,250 TakeTheAce wins side pot $3,200 TakeTheAce wins side pot $5,075 J.R.21 finishes the tournament 33rd
PATTIE CAKES on Wednesday December 8, 2010
Starting Hand Prankk Starr folds chemical chris folds Master of Bluffs finishes the tournament 22nd J.R.21 calls NurseT folds ***Insane*** folds benda21 folds Houdtje raises $4,600 cleb folds sixpack finishes the tournament 21st J.R.21 calls Dealing flop: [Js, 5h, As] Dealing turn: [Jd] Dealing river: [Jh] Houdtje shows [9d, 9c] for a full house, Jacks full of nines J.R.21 shows [8h, Jc] for four Jacks J.R.21 wins main pot $5,830 Houdtje wins side pot $2,085 Very nice hand :)
Kizzadaman on Sunday June 28, 2009
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