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Vikki's Dad (lol)
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LilVik wrote
at 2:00 PM, Wednesday June 1, 2011 EDT
Well done on the medal Dad :D Good job xox
kellykellymoore wrote
at 8:59 AM, Tuesday February 1, 2011 EST
Good luck in Feb, G! Hugs...=)
Bettyke wrote
at 11:28 AM, Thursday December 9, 2010 EST
Thank you so much, darling.
Stacey Blossom wrote
at 5:47 AM, Saturday January 23, 2010 EST
Thnx Gray allways nice to see you at the tables, maybe soon at a bar in amsterdam lol
Graham56 wrote
at 3:21 AM, Wednesday January 6, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [9c, 7c]
serg73 takes a seat
Graham56 calls
TYRE calls
fuufnf folds
moo1 calls
23DEC2012 folds
super santa folds
MD17 takes a seat
Bettyke checks
Dealing flop: [8c, Tc, Qs]
Bettyke checks
Graham56 checks
TYRE checks
moo1 checks
Dealing turn: [Jc]
Bettyke checks
Graham56 bets $50
TYRE raises $1,300
moo1 folds
Bettyke calls
Graham56 raises $1,375
TYRE raises $1,375
Bettyke calls
Dealing river: [8h]
Bettyke checks
TYRE bets $9,900
Bettyke sits out
Bettyke folds
Graham56 shows [9c, 7c] for a straight flush Jack high
TYRE shows [3s, 9d] for a straight Queen high
Graham56 wins main pot $4,500
TYRE wins side pot $12,400
Graham56 wrote
at 4:30 AM, Saturday January 2, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Kd, Qh]
ibruffyou sits out
Popular calls
ibruffyou folds
meneertjeMark folds
Graham56 calls
AssoKappa folds
nerd50 calls
pertti77 checks
Dealing flop: [Kc, Ks, Kh]
nerd50 checks
pertti77 checks
Popular checks
Graham56 checks
Dealing turn: [6h]
nerd50 bets $200
pertti77 folds
Popular calls
Graham56 calls
Dealing river: [Ac]
Suppository finishes the tournament 16th
Jimmy_Recard finishes the tournament 15th
nerd50 checks
Popular bets $200
Graham56 raises $400
nerd50 folds
Popular calls
Popular shows [6c, 8h] for a full house, Kings full of sixs
Graham56 shows [Kd, Qh] for four Kings
Graham56 wins main pot $2,200
Bettyke wrote
at 8:12 AM, Wednesday December 16, 2009 EST
Sending you a card from New York. To pick up your card please go to: www.bettyandmalcolm.site50.net. Happy holidays! Betty
vikkib33 wrote
at 4:09 PM, Friday December 4, 2009 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [4d, 4h]
Punxsutawney calls
chump#1 folds
The Management folds
vikkib33 calls
Sugarol folds
Graham56 calls
Rhiosace folds
Cruze checks
Dealing flop: [Kh, 2d, 5c]
Cruze checks
Punxsutawney bets $200
MRX24 finishes the tournament 39th
Rhiosace sits in
vikkib33 folds
sille finishes the tournament 38th
Graham56 calls
Cruze folds
Dealing turn: [2s]
Punxsutawney bets $350
Graham56 calls
Dealing river: [7h]
Punxsutawney bets $400
Graham56 raises $450
Punxsutawney calls
Graham56 shows [2h, 2c] for four twos
Punxsutawney shows [Jh, Kd] for two pair, Kings and twos
Graham56 wins main pot $2,275

Woot woot, wd Dad, nice quads :D xo
vikkib33 wrote
at 3:31 PM, Wednesday December 2, 2009 EST
VGL for December Dad, great start :D xoxo
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