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The Hag wrote
at 8:45 PM, Tuesday February 8, 2011 EST
LilBessy: is this room gay/lesbian friendly
The Hag: I'm a lesbian if that counts
LilBessy: ooh
LilBessy: me too :)
NORTHSIDE GRILL: u asking me ?
LilBessy: nah ur a kid, of course ur homophobic
boltfan: welcome in bessy
NORTHSIDE GRILL: i aint no home boy
LilBessy: ur a home boy
LilBessy: and thx boltfan
LilBessy: u like the movie bolt huh?
boltfan: nope...football team,Chargers!
LilBessy: gpokr is so rigged
LilBessy: nh
01010101010101 is here
The Hag: sry, ty
boltfan: bessy, is that pic you or your gf?
LilBessy: me
LilBessy: why
01010101010101 has left
boltfan: either way, beautiful
LilBessy: thxx
LilBessy: :)
The Hag: let me help ya bolt,(girlfriend's lucky)
LilBessy: im gonna go post op transexual soon tho
LilBessy: get a dick, remove my boobs, etc
The Hag: lol
boltfan: OH MY!
LilBessy: shave my head

LilBessy: my son loves suckin on my nipples thought he might like tryin to suck on a dick
boltfan: *make
boltfan: now you're cut off
The Hag: how can u type when ur gigglin so hard
LilBessy: lol
tweek303: wrong thing to ssa about childay
tweek303: show some respect
LilBessy: just bein honest
LilBessy: its not like i can cum from it
LilBessy: its an intimate father/mother and son thing
3L_Cosmo has left
Fibbit is here
The Hag wrote
at 6:50 PM, Friday April 9, 2010 EDT

Dealing pocket cards: [8c, 7c]
The Hag raises $625
webs raises $1,450
oklagrandma calls
J.R.21 calls
CaptainCrash folds
Punk87 calls
Dealing flop: [Jh, Td, 9h]
Punk87 bets $6,575
sabryary takes a seat
oklagrandma calls
J.R.21 calls
Dealing turn: [6c]
Dealing river: [4d]
Punk87 shows [Ts, 2d] for a pair of tens
The Hag shows [8c, 7c] for a straight Jack high
webs shows [Qs, Kh] for a straight King high
oklagrandma shows [9c, Ad] for a pair of nines
J.R.21 shows [Js, 9s] for two pair, Jacks and nines
webs wins main pot $3,150
webs wins side pot $3,500
J.R.21 wins side pot $7,500
Punk87 wins side pot $5,300
Punk87 wins side pot $1,425
The Hag stands up
The Hag wrote
at 7:47 PM, Friday February 19, 2010 EST

I sat in, on OO and this is what I saw, biggest hand on a little table i've seen.

jagg shows [Qh, 9h] for a pair of twos
tokens shows [Jc, As] for two pair, Jacks and twos
biggy26 shows [5c, 5d] for two pair, fives and twos
OO! B. A. shows [Ac, Ah] for two pair, Aces and twos
the stud shows [9d, Jd] for two pair, Jacks and twos
diamond dell shows [Ts, Kd] for a pair of twos
arrrg shows [7h, 3h] for two pair, threes and twos
OO! B. A. wins main pot $10,500
OO! B. A. wins side pot $6,920
OO! B. A. wins side pot $8,464
OO! B. A. wins side pot $17,643
biggy26 stands up
the stud stands up
diamond dell stands up
arrrg stands up
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