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Ban lifted. Please do not repeat offense. +changeAvatar +chat +post mystery man 5:12 PM, Wednesday June 3, 2009 EDT
These cards suck: however I will ask please try to refrain from using foul language on this site MY COUSIN VINNY: who are you and whats it to you These cards suck: Rule - #5 Please do not use hate language or avatars --- Violating the rules can result in your score being reset, certain abilities being blocked, or your account being banned. MY COUSIN VINNY: ok and your point These cards suck: Just have fun on the site and try not to get into physical altercations MY COUSIN VINNY: it won't be the first time i was banned and im sure it won't be the last These cards suck: do you want to be banned? MY COUSIN VINNY: you do what you have to do MY COUSIN VINNY: you think this is the only acct i have These cards suck: I'm not trying to as I said I was not there. I'm jsut asking you to relax and play poker MY COUSIN VINNY: who are you anyway These cards suck: there is no need to cuss out someone These cards suck: who i am is not important MY COUSIN VINNY: oh no thats what you think MY COUSIN VINNY: well then shut the hell up MY COUSIN VINNY: get on my friggen nurves These cards suck: i guess you do have an anger problem MY COUSIN VINNY: hey do me a favor suck go fuck yourself These cards suck: Ok your brought it on yourself -changeAvatar -chat -post These cards suck 4:02 PM, Friday April 17, 2009 EDT

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