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was warned to stop -changeAvatar -play lynnmay 9:03 PM, Saturday November 12, 2011 EST
you have been warned way too many times and you know full well what the rules are....Harassing players -chat -post -re-register lynnmay 6:18 PM, Wednesday November 9, 2011 EST
Be nice please +chat +post TLP 2:10 PM, Thursday August 11, 2011 EDT
Posting and chat suspended following MORE evidence of abuse by this user in the forum a.k.a. knaakdaddy amongst others. Ryan informed of actions via the Advisor only forum. -chat -post TLP 6:22 AM, Wednesday December 15, 2010 EST
Time served. BE NICE! +chat +post TLP 2:18 PM, Saturday October 23, 2010 EDT
calling moderator wanker for no reason. Mute for 1 week at least -chat -post TLP 6:26 PM, Sunday October 10, 2010 EDT
restored- player understands that this is not the best way to handle things. +chat +post kellykellymoore 12:57 PM, Thursday January 21, 2010 EST
Have had several ppl come to me in the past few days complaining about how you treat ppl. Leave ppls children out of your trash talk please. -chat -post kellykellymoore 11:54 PM, Wednesday January 20, 2010 EST

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Seems that he's made a second account to get around his mute.
Supernostro on Friday January 21, 2011
your son im sure is a very fine young man,since i came back ,i have said NOT 1 WORD TO YOU ,DAMN FOOL,YOU HAVE CONSTANTLY SAT ON MY TABLE AS KINGRATTTTTTT(lol),AND CALLED ME A FUCKIN LOSER--and a have never heard a (grown) man grovell to anybody like you did tonight ,let it go you old fool--I WILL NOT CHAT ON A TABLE WITH YOU--AND HAVE NOT SINCE I CAME BACK--
Set Suspect Free on Friday December 11, 2009
Well you soon learn who your friends are dont you? You deserve each other Richard: rish rover: and insane _Coypu_ has left irish rover: lol sprigett: jammy pricks lol irish rover: yep irish rover: but maddie-insane -dangerous fkr-talks behind peoples back want2win has left [email protected] [email protected]: true Help, I'm a rock is here irish rover: you know her [email protected]? [email protected] [email protected]: stalker? irish rover: insane,maddie? [email protected] [email protected]: yes irish rover: 2 faced fkr [email protected] [email protected]: i no karre has left [email protected] [email protected]: she stalking take i easy table right now irish rover: yeah irish rover: i just left there irish rover: she a stalker? [email protected] [email protected]: she stalk everyone [email protected] [email protected]: not a true player webs is here irish rover: true irish rover: webby irish rover: my 3rd fav.dutchman [email protected] [email protected]: look at her pic very scary suprod is here irish rover: lol irish rover: i know webs has left irish rover: a mad kiwi/aussie [email protected] [email protected]: truth may set u free
***Insane*** on Friday August 14, 2009
save your breath you silly little boy......you'll need it to blow up your girlfriend
the shed on Thursday June 18, 2009
Hi lol
50kchips on Monday June 1, 2009
[email protected] [email protected]: shit folded 7 bunnyboi is here john27: flush he after john27: noooooooooooooooooooooooo john27: i had 10 j _BLizZaRd_: dont talk during the hand pls john27: an meant 2 call [email protected] [email protected]: :O [email protected] [email protected]: now bliz? john27: prick!! thats cos she spoke 2 me i gunn a hit her IlIIIlllIlIIIlIl: rut roh _BLizZaRd_: bluffers here huh^^ [email protected] [email protected]: fy IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII [email protected] [email protected]: fy Bliz [email protected] [email protected]: can i talk now ass [email protected] [email protected]: wipe _BLizZaRd_: hey stop [email protected] [email protected]: fy john27: careful rich _BLizZaRd_: ill report u dude [email protected] [email protected]: go ahead fag [email protected] [email protected]: u started _BLizZaRd_: i will trust me [email protected] [email protected]: iknow ryan u loser _BLizZaRd_: i said dont talk u rcards during the hand [email protected] [email protected]: go for it [email protected] [email protected]: be quiet _BLizZaRd_: i will ;) [email protected] [email protected]: np
_BLizZaRd_ on Friday May 1, 2009
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