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butkus: river.....river...... lollypop_07: tinkle time and beer chemical chris: pee pee 1488NIKKI: im freezing Mighty Whitey: nikki what is 1488?? chemical chris: LOL Mighty Whitey: nooo Amy;D has left dolch has left chemical chris: trying to get girl banned LMFAO Mighty Whitey: lol 1488NIKKI: if u dont know u dont need to Mighty Whitey: i know i like it Mighty Whitey: =) 1488NIKKI: me too Mighty Whitey: it makes gpokr fun Nakent is here 1488NIKKI: im cold i need a hot bath chemical chris: so saddam avys are allowed but no hitler?? makes sence Mighty Whitey: lol Mighty Whitey: ya wtf is with that? chemical chris: its all wrong man 1488NIKKI: ahhhh Mighty Whitey: i hate niggers and im proud of it 1488NIKKI: be ice klintn andy keys: lol Mighty Whitey: JEW BFUKKIN BASTARDS lollypop_07: yes b ice 1488NIKKI: lol Mighty Whitey: go back to ur concentration camp chemical chris: rolling in corner broke down with laughter Mighty Whitey: u jew cocksuckers andy keys: lol Mighty Whitey: WHITE FUKKIN POWER utkus: don't use the "n" word, really lollypop_07: hi nakent 1488NIKKI: ok im going t the tub lollypop_07: :P 1488NIKKI: bbl lollypop_07: by ehunny lollypop_07: xoxo Nakent: hi lolly lollypop_07: lol andy keys: later nikki Mighty Whitey: nikk?i Mighty Whitey: were is she oing? lollypop_07: nh I_Want_It_All: ty Mighty Whitey: ??? Mighty Whitey: am i banned yet? RTSgolden is here chemical chris: lol Mighty Whitey: u know who i hate?? Mighty Whitey: fukkin hebrews lollypop_07: u shud hate urself u pig andy keys: who? lollypop_07: oink oink merhoops: dunno Chat in game, Chat in Forums, Changing of Avatar has been revoked from minimum of 1 month as of 4-17-09 Mighty Whitey: am i banned yet? You wish is my command -changeAvatar -chat -post -avatar These cards suck 6:23 AM, Friday April 17, 2009 EDT

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