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kiwi: i had queen kiwi: was i suppose to check top pair ? MyUncle: yuck MyUncle: hard to play against the super rich Impatient: LOLLY why you say nigger kiwi: how pathetic is it to use racist insult on a free site because you lagged a hand lollypop007: BECAUSE THAT WAS THAT TYPE OF PLAY Odins Rage is here Impatient: no....so bad MyUncle: nite all gl you apparently need it Odins Rage has left Impatient: really bad Impatient: you just went down about 100 percent in my book zbubox is here lollypop007: so what lollypop007: hes ignorant Impatient: no u r lollypop007: your mom is kiwi: all that for a 9k pot Impatient: no my mom raised me right lollypop007: whats right?? Grizz55 is here skydog1: a republican? Impatient: to be open minded and kind Darwin is King: just checking Impatient: no definitely a dem Grizz55 has left lollypop007: so you voted nobama?? zbubox has left Impatient: absolutely lollypop007: congrats lollypop007: i hope your unemployed right now Impatient: nope lollypop007: cant wait for your new medical plan to pay for you anchor babies Impatient: what does that even mean PATTIE CAKES is here Go Steelers has left PATTIE CAKES: kkm can u please come deal with lolly she is going off on impatient we r at A&8 lollypop007: nobama godsgifttome is here skydog1: nh lollypop007: ty godsgifttome has left dirtysand is here dirtysand: hi all
PATTIE CAKES on Saturday September 19, 2009
thanx for that man top stuff!! see you on the table's
fully medicated on Tuesday July 7, 2009
ive been around for a good while,kelly moore,but asking one of the peskiest people on gpokr ,should i be banned/muted is very unprofessional,there are plenty of members on this site who do not approve of some moderators tactics,i reiterate SOME,i also assume that i have been REMOVED from your friends list too!
irish rover on Sunday June 28, 2009
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