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There is always light at the end of every tunnel no mater how long they can seem to be.
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Recognized on 10:55 PM, Thursday April 12, 2012 EDT by lynnmay
always a pleasure to play with and always helpful, ty addie

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Shawn Mullins.... Lullaby,,,,,
NORTHSIDE GRILL on Monday June 26, 2017
She grew up with The children of the stars. In the Hollywood hills and the boulevard... Her parents threw big parties. Everyone was there. They hung out with folks like Dennis hopper, Bob Seeger, sonny and Cher... Now, she feels safe In this bar on Fairfax... And from the stage I can tell that She can't let go and she can't relax... And just before She hangs her head to cry... I sing to her a lullaby, I sing... Everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye Everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye Rockabye..... She still lives with her mom. Outside the city, Down that street about a half a mile. And all her friends tell her, She's so pretty... But she'd be a whole lot prettier, If she smiled once in a while... `cause even her smile Looks like a frown. She's seen her share of devils In this angel town... But, everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye Everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye Rockabye.... I told her I ain't so sure, About this place... It's hard to play a gig in this town, And keep a straight face... Seems like everyone here's got a plan, It's kind of like Nashville with a tan, but,.... Everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye Everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye.... Everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye Everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye, rockabye, bye, bye Bye, bye....
Dick Tucker on Monday June 26, 2017
Hi, just to clarify, Greg and I speak about almost every GPokr issue, and we include KC when we can. DT's posting ability was restored so that he could overwrite the bad review he gave Bama, no other reason. We don't override each other, we work together. Good luck at tables.
kellykellymoore on Wednesday June 21, 2017
Insane....I just cant believe it.
grump on Friday August 5, 2016
mad many hands had big cards it was still fun not wine en ? it was still fun t c taking dog's out have good luck GPokr play
Terry321123 on Tuesday February 18, 2014
wojslaw: what happend to you mad? tweek303 has left BrownEyeFullOfH8: lost all my chippies sinker: nothin she is playing her savings account wojslaw: :( wojslaw: lol
BrownEyeFullOfH8 on Monday February 10, 2014
Congratulations on your March medal!
sneaky on Saturday April 2, 2011
2011-02-15 ***Insane*** wrote: "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH enough already" The irony of ***Insane*** continuing to post about a topic she thinks is "enough already" is lost on her. Of course, she doesn't really think it is "enough already" or she would stop writing about it--she really just wants the last word. 2011-02-14 ***Insane*** wrote: "LOL thank god the world aint made up of people like yourself god dam perfect huh? No one is aloud to make mistakes in life, (not that I am a believer) but even in the bible it says god forgives. Get a life." How familiar: "get a life" is what all the chat jerks and web boys say when they are called on their misbehavior. They HATE having their bad behavior noted; they want to spew anonymous rudeness in chat and get away with it and not have any consequences. Tough. No one has to be perfect or even close to perfect (for example, "allowed" should have been used instead of "aloud") and I am far, far from perfect. But do we want things to be better or worse? What isn't okay to go unremarked is to be rude or a jerk or a bully. "Get a life" is a pathetically low goal; "get a GOOD life" or "get an HONORABLE life" is a better goal. Your ignorance is nothing to be ashamed of, ***Insane***, but your willful ignorance is. By the way, most people believe that God forgives those who are SINCERELY sorry and and willing to REPENT. But religion or no religion, rudeness and incivility are to be punished with the public scorn they deserve. And, as always, honor before GPokr. 2011-02-14 ***Insane*** says on her overview page, "I dont judge a person on what they have done or how they treat others but the way they treat me. (with the obvious exceptions)" This capsulizes the view of what in 'The Republic' Plato called the philosopher dog. In this simple view of justice, the dog can be said to be a philosopher in that she can tell the difference between good (she knows you) and bad (she doesn't know you). This view of justice is somewhat useful up to about the level of gangs or tribes. Anything like a town, city, city/state, polis, country, or empire requires a much more sophisticated view of justice. KDice requires no justice and no wisdom, but benefits more and more as both increase. ***Insane*** has her friends' backs (for example, DrRich--who has been banned before by a moderator); she knows her friends and supports them. Apparently it matters not what they do to others. Thank goodness such views do not prevail in real life in civilized places.
oakcliff on Tuesday February 15, 2011
Perfect avatar. Ugly, green with envy and always angry. You are so Fake and two faced. I asked you nicely to take all your names off of my Fan list but you refused even though you are no fan nor friend. Maybe you are insane and not just rude a and ugly human being.
MyUncle on Monday November 22, 2010
congrats mad :-) 1 for medal and 1 for "0" refills .. Happy new year
biglion on Friday January 1, 2010
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