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akos143 wrote
at 5:54 AM, Wednesday August 5, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Th, 4c]
akos143 checks
raffy folds
Caoimhghin folds
_Miky_ takes a seat
raffy stands up
zaff frutiger raises $1,600
spice626 folds
leggie folds
akos143 calls
Dealing flop: [9c, 3s, 4d]
Dealing turn: [4h]
Dealing river: [9d]
akos143 shows [Th, 4c] for a full house, fours full of nines
zaff frutiger shows [Ad, Qs] for two pair, nines and fours
akos143 wins main pot $3,075
zaff frutiger wins side pot $100
akos143 wrote
at 3:35 AM, Sunday July 19, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Th, 3c]
dlyons folds
builder calls
Doe Doe calls
xXxJozefxXx folds
Dari folds
Lei folds
msufan1313 calls
akos143 checks
Dealing flop: [2d, Ad, Tc]
msufan1313 bets $3,000
akos143 calls
builder folds
Doe Doe calls
Dealing turn: [Td]
msufan1313 bets $4,000
akos143 calls
baz _2.0 takes a seat
Doe Doe folds
Dealing river: [Ts]
msufan1313 bets $6,000
akos143 raises $43,000
msufan1313 calls
akos143 shows [Th, 3c] for four tens
msufan1313 shows [As, Qc] for a full house, tens full of Aces
akos143 wins main pot $107,000
akos143 wrote
at 4:46 PM, Tuesday July 7, 2009 EDT

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [9d, Kd]
kingfox calls
andrak's mom raises $100
angelindisguise calls
papachas calls
akos143 sits in
vink'eBoliinke folds
Aguskill calls
Demeter raises $1,800
akos143 raises $3,487
Bobcat9 calls
kingfox folds
andrak's mom calls
angelindisguise folds
papachas folds
Aguskill folds
Dealing flop: [2d, 9c, Qc]
Dealing turn: [9s]
Dealing river: [Kh]
andrak's mom shows [Td, 4c] for a pair of nines
Demeter shows [5d, 5s] for two pair, nines and fives
akos143 shows [9d, Kd] for a full house, nines full of Kings
Bobcat9 shows [Qd, Jc] for two pair, Queens and nines
akos143 wins main pot $7,550
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