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gnice37 wrote
at 11:54 AM, Saturday November 29, 2014 EST
Hi. I sent Ryan a request for your email confirmation on 11/29. If you don't see anything in the next day or two, please let me know. Thanks and good luck.
ccsis wrote
at 4:48 PM, Wednesday September 11, 2013 EDT
Yeah this one gonna be self muted as well LOL
ccsis wrote
at 8:12 PM, Sunday December 2, 2012 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [7d, 7h]
joebug calls
ATClocker calls
DEAN777 calls
ccsis checks
Dealing flop: [7c, 6s, 3c]
DEAN777 checks
Flyer064 takes a seat
ccsis bets $600
joebug calls
ATClocker folds
DEAN777 raises $1,200
ccsis calls
joebug calls
Dealing turn: [3s]
DEAN777 bets $1,000
ccsis raises $3,000
joebug folds
DEAN777 raises $4,000
ccsis raises $15,200
DEAN777 calls
Dealing river: [8c]
ccsis shows [7d, 7h] for a full house, sevens full of threes
DEAN777 shows [3d, 6h] for a full house, threes full of sixs
ccsis wins main pot $35,000
ccsis wins side pot $2,900
DEAN777 stands up

kellykellymoore wrote
at 1:30 PM, Sunday April 1, 2012 EDT
Nice job,binc! Gl in April =)
lynnmay wrote
at 9:17 AM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
woooot wooooot good job!!!woooot wooooot good job!!! hehehe x2 wooot
kellykellymoore wrote
at 7:23 PM, Saturday December 31, 2011 EST
Nice medalS! Hope you have a great 2012, binc.
TLP wrote
at 4:23 PM, Tuesday November 1, 2011 EDT
Congratulations CCSIS on your October medal! A fitting tribute that it was on this account. Good luck for November
lynnmay wrote
at 9:36 AM, Thursday September 1, 2011 EDT
wooooooot!!! good job!!
ccsis wrote
at 9:24 AM, Thursday September 1, 2011 EDT
woot woot weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee another medal
TLP wrote
at 7:36 AM, Tuesday February 1, 2011 EST
just another 3h 30 mins Restart is 12 hours after close, will be noon for you I think, 5pm here so we don't suffer too much as at work in the day :P
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