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Do not harrass others players even in another language! -chat -post TLP 3:49 PM, Sunday July 19, 2009 EDT

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ma poi mi spieghi 1 cosa? ma ke cazzo vuoi ki ti conosce e nn voglio conoscerti
baz _2.0 on Friday July 17, 2009
JUMPER_88: ehy irish JUMPER_88: did u see the pussy of ur mom? irish rover: exactly boy JUMPER_88: its incredible JUMPER_88: may contain 3 black dicks JUMPER_88: that slut Chaffy: yes irish ,what a moderator you,d be lol JUMPER_88: wanna ban me? JUMPER_88: only for this? Chaffy has left TOTAL PACKAGE has left Pokrface has left JUMPER_88: ciao charlie JUMPER_88: irish do u wanna ban me? pepecolo: what u fuck JUMPER_88 has left JUMPER_88: answer me fucking irish JUMPER_88: knoppers u r an idiot pepecolo: vnh JUMPER_88: irish answer me knoppers: ja nee ist klar JUMPER_88: I'll sign with another account if u ban me irish rover: snhhhhhhhhh boy irish rover is here BILLY JACK 50 is here nice to get your vote for moderator jumpy,lol
irish rover on Tuesday June 30, 2009
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