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Bettyke wrote
at 12:02 PM, Thursday December 9, 2010 EST
Thank you so much, darling.
ARA20 wrote
at 3:12 AM, Tuesday May 18, 2010 EDT
hello Barbus, my friend
how are u doing are u having fun ...
every time I'm saying hi back to him when u say hi on table....
thx. and gl.
ARA20 wrote
at 3:01 AM, Thursday May 6, 2010 EDT
Yasso Filarako tikanis...
how's life on these days in Athens, I'm sure it's been lots of changes since I lived ther back in 95.
gl file.
ARA20 wrote
at 2:58 AM, Tuesday May 4, 2010 EDT
how's it going barbus.
hope is all good with you. gl
ARA20 wrote
at 3:11 AM, Thursday April 29, 2010 EDT
hello my friend,
how are you. how's ELADA...
barbus wrote
at 11:04 AM, Monday April 26, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ah, Ac]
momoneybtw55 calls
ptica trkaica folds
MicJules calls
SrSousa folds
Todd the Wad calls
barbus raises $2,500
carrillo34 folds
momoneybtw55 calls
MicJules calls
Todd the Wad calls
Dealing flop: [9c, 9s, Ad]
barbus checks
mark07 takes a seat
momoneybtw55 checks
MicJules bets $6,000
Todd the Wad folds
barbus calls
momoneybtw55 folds
Dealing turn: [9d]
barbus checks
MicJules checks
Dealing river: [As]
barbus bets $20,000
MicJules raises $45,000
barbus raises $43,500
MicJules calls
barbus shows [Ah, Ac] for four Aces
MicJules shows [9h, 5s] for four nines
barbus wins main pot $152,000
ARA20 wrote
at 8:26 PM, Wednesday April 21, 2010 EDT
I'm ok and hope everything is fine with u 2.
talk to you later.gl.
ARA20 wrote
at 7:25 AM, Wednesday April 21, 2010 EDT
Hi Barbus, how are you.
ARA20 wrote
at 3:52 AM, Friday April 9, 2010 EDT
Filarako oles edo ine trolos pistemse.
ARA20 wrote
at 3:48 AM, Friday April 9, 2010 EDT
we can chat on here if u want too. I decided not to chat to anyone on this site believe me they are not worthed.
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