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TayBren13 wrote
at 5:01 PM, Sunday September 1, 2013 EDT
I'll promise to log in and play if you do :)
TayBren13 wrote
at 12:14 AM, Thursday May 5, 2011 EDT
BOOOOOOOOB!!! I keep missing you on here... oh who am I kidding... I Miss you all the time. I hope all is well on your side of the world too. <3
TayBren13 wrote
at 7:08 PM, Monday September 27, 2010 EDT
BOOOOOOOB!!! Hun, Sorry I missed you. Hope you are doing well <3
purplechick wrote
at 2:47 PM, Friday February 5, 2010 EST
We missed you this week, dear. Come back soon!!!
purplechick wrote
at 11:28 AM, Monday February 1, 2010 EST
Thanks for all of the games last month, boob. I always have fun drawing naughty bits with you. :)
TayBren13 wrote
at 8:38 AM, Friday January 29, 2010 EST
Hi Miss BoooooooB Hun =) Sorry you have been soooo busy at work. Sure do miss you :( Come sketch with me again soon =)
mayaphrodite wrote
at 5:15 AM, Thursday December 24, 2009 EST
Thank you hunnybuns! You too! Have a merry Christmas. I read on Tay's wall you won't be back until the 4th.. so happy new year to you! Hope you and your husband will have the greatest holidays ever! Miss you hun!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
MrFoxy wrote
at 3:19 PM, Wednesday December 23, 2009 EST
Aww, thank you. :):) Merry Christmas to you too. xx
TayBren13 wrote
at 5:47 PM, Tuesday December 22, 2009 EST
BooooooooooooB =D Just wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)
Nadira wrote
at 11:14 AM, Tuesday December 1, 2009 EST
LOVELY AV! love it lol &#9829; nice playing with you congratz for top 100 =D
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