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Merry Christmas
get her done on Thursday December 23, 2010
He's very afraid of people of color, especially large muscular black man like myself. Haha
OJ Loved Nicole on Sunday December 19, 2010
you ass wipe im still here as well as this puter u faggot
b82161 on Sunday April 11, 2010
Coyotee u are fun and keep a friendly atmosphere for everyone to join in if they want and u are welcoming. you make playing the tables worth it. Thanks for welcoming me and adding me as a friend.
dpmakeit on Wednesday March 31, 2010
yo hillbilly wtf? U think ur top dog around here! NOT
eezz on Monday March 29, 2010
From your reviews, it looks like you can be a nice person, but tonight I did not deserve your verbal attack. I won a hand and you lashed out at me. The more I play here I realize that there are many haters and people who feel good about abusing people by hiding behind their keyboard. I'm sorry that you are on hard times, but what did I do to deserve your attacking words tonight?
sjfixed on Monday March 15, 2010
Nice bloke, courtesy of a reply eventhough he no-one else did.
kphil on Sunday February 28, 2010
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