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Time Served. If this happens again mute will be for 6 months. +changeAvatar +chat +post These cards suck 8:00 AM, Saturday October 3, 2009 EDT
Player muted till October for violating website rules for the 2nd time. http://www.gpokr.com/discussion/topics/44786498 -changeAvatar -chat -post -avatar These cards suck 7:00 PM, Friday September 18, 2009 EDT
Restored according to 3 day time span set by Marice...please watch your language in the future. +chat +post kellykellymoore 5:39 PM, Wednesday September 2, 2009 EDT
Muted for 3 days for bad language. 28th August -chat -post Marice 12:18 AM, Saturday August 29, 2009 EDT

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I had LambSteak for dinner
MFHATERS on Friday October 7, 2011
Starting Hand MFHATERS raises $19,700 GTL calls Dealing flop: [Ah, Qs, 9s] GTL folds MFHATERS wins main pot $39,600 GTL sits out GTL stands up GTL takes a seat Starting Hand MFHATERS raises $11,900 GTL calls Dealing flop: [Jh, 7c, 6h] GTL bets $200 MFHATERS raises $400 GTL calls Dealing turn: [7h] GTL checks MFHATERS bets $200 GTL calls Dealing river: [2s] GTL sits out WOW MOVING UP FAST IN RANKS WITH THE CHEATING >>>>NICE
LambSteak on Wednesday October 21, 2009
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