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Recognized on 5:56 PM, Wednesday July 24, 2013 EDT by TLP
Starfish Warrior

Was in the tourney and he was all in and lost the hand but due to a bug, he kept his chips.

No moaning, no whinging by the other players but Starfish Warrior refused to play on and wanted to be the next player out.

If a mod is reading, I nominate him for a contributor award


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change that god-awful picture
Punk In Drublic on Thursday July 14, 2011
lynnmay folds starfish_warrior shows [As, 8d] for four Aces stiffon shows [3d, Jd] for a full house, Aces full of Jacks starfish_warrior wins main pot $450 starfish_warrior wins side pot $100 stiffon finishes the tournament 8th and wins $5,400 stiffon stands up
lynnmay on Monday October 25, 2010
total dork
starfish_warrior on Wednesday September 1, 2010
Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [6h, 5c] Mayday88 calls A&8 folds starfish_warrior checks thander calls 1Wolf folds Barbaza calls Grenadin checks Dealing flop: [Td, 5h, 3c] Barbaza checks 1Wolf stands up 1Wolf takes a seat Grenadin checks Mayday88 checks starfish_warrior bets $4,000 thander calls Barbaza folds Grenadin calls Mayday88 folds M_Ryan_M takes a seat Dealing turn: [Ad] Grenadin checks starfish_warrior bets $4,000 thander calls Grenadin raises $8,000 starfish_warrior folds thander calls Dealing river: [3h] Grenadin bets $10,000 thander folds Grenadin wins main pot $47,000 Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [6h, 4d] A&8 calls M_Ryan_M checks starfish_warrior calls thander folds 1Wolf checks Barbaza folds Grenadin calls Mayday88 raises $9,000 A&8 folds M_Ryan_M raises $58,250 thander stands up starfish_warrior folds 1Wolf folds thander takes a seat Grenadin folds Mayday88 calls Dealing flop: [3d, Qc, 6d] Dealing turn: [Qs] Dealing river: [5d] Mayday88 shows [9h, 9s] for two pair, Queens and nines M_Ryan_M shows [8s, Ts] for a pair of Queens Mayday88 wins main pot $122,500 M_Ryan_M stands up Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [9d, Td] starfish_warrior calls thander checks 1Wolf calls Barbaza folds Grenadin folds Mayday88 calls A&8 checks Dealing flop: [6h, 2h, Kh] Mayday88 checks A&8 checks starfish_warrior checks thander checks 1Wolf checks Dealing turn: [3c] Mayday88 bets $4,000 A&8 calls starfish_warrior folds thander folds 1Wolf folds Dealing river: [Jh] Mayday88 bets $9,000 A&8 folds Mayday88 wins main pot $22,000 Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [5s, 6d] thander calls
1Wolf on Friday April 30, 2010
hit and run pussy boy
***pebble*** on Monday December 14, 2009
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