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Recognized on 8:09 AM, Saturday January 1, 2011 EST by mystery man
Thank you for
1) Winning a medal every month for the year 2010 and challenging us all to improve our game.

2) Being very polite, friendly and obedient to the rules of Gpokr at the tables.

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All I wanted to do was wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. cheers JR
J.R.21 on Wednesday December 29, 2021
Talks too much
Positive EV on Sunday October 13, 2013
good to have a player who does not cheat:)
mystery man on Tuesday August 6, 2013
I am still trying to figure out how she makes the red banana fly next to her foot.
freepoints on Sunday March 25, 2012
a pleasure to play with, wish u lucky rivers
Jedrol K on Monday February 13, 2012
I pray all is well with you. The Lord is wonderful and can heal anything...:)
shylo on Sunday August 28, 2011
ohn27 shows [Kh, Jc] for two pair, Jacks and fives Minitiger shows [Kc, Jh] for two pair, Jacks and fives kacha_cha shows [Ks, Js] for two pair, Jacks and fives john27 wins main pot $1,141 Minitiger wins main pot $1,141 kacha_cha wins main pot $1,141 john27 wins side pot $275 Minitiger wins side pot $275
sniggers on Monday July 11, 2011
hi kacha_cha. its robbie07 here it was not me who said that to you. it was my son mark im robbie i can only say sorry. plus i have told him off .i respect all players man or women well thats all i have say so gl on tables i hope to see you soon.
robbie07 on Monday June 27, 2011
hi hun the following are all mark07. noobster,bomb-ally, fingerpie,turbomark wesm, robbie07 and there are more just so u know hun.
"pebble" on Thursday June 23, 2011
PATTIE CAKES sits in alcaide sits in DaddyME sits in kacha_cha sits out kacha_cha calls Dealing flop: [9c, 9h, As] kacha_cha checks WhoMe2 checks Dealing turn: [Jc] kacha_cha checks WhoMe2 checks Dealing river: [Qd] kacha_cha checks WhoMe2 checks WhoMe2 shows [8c, Ac] for two pair, Aces and nines kacha_cha shows [9d, 9s] for four nines kacha_cha wins main pot $1,000
PATTIE CAKES on Thursday March 24, 2011
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