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gnice37 wrote
at 3:53 PM, Saturday March 5, 2016 EST
do not give chat back...repeat offender
kellykellymoore wrote
at 12:14 AM, Thursday November 26, 2015 EST
Hi, we have decided to give your chat back, since you have done well on your other account. Please listen to this: IF YOU USE ANY HATE LANGUAGE, OR NASTY LANGUAGE AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS, YOU WILL BE REMOVED. I hope you understand this. You have been given many chances. Use this one wisely. Good luck.
TLP wrote
at 7:50 AM, Tuesday July 12, 2011 EDT
Dolfin -I have received reports of your racist chat EXAMPLE: dolfin: have to kill all the Gentiles You and your families

If you continue your chat will be banned again for at least 3 months maybe longer so stop this now.
hotsteven31 wrote
at 11:38 AM, Monday May 16, 2011 EDT
good luck always brother
dolfin wrote
at 11:34 AM, Thursday January 21, 2010 EST
Mark07 and John27 also played with me at the table and maybe because they lost some money they say I need things like the curse of anti-Semitism they forgot to specify I want to do order with these two and ask me to return to play can be checked that I did nothing wrong and have exceeded the rules of the site
dolfin wrote
at 10:57 AM, Thursday January 21, 2010 EST
Did anyone listen to what I say?? These things I say and I ask every language of application return me to play
dolfin wrote
at 10:44 AM, Thursday January 21, 2010 EST
I'm sorry I do not exactly know where to register and bring the things I hope you got my words my request
dolfin wrote
at 10:38 AM, Thursday January 21, 2010 EST
I did not steal from anyone not offended anyone I am loyal to its own rules I play fair like everyone else for a long time really do not deserve all this I wish to return me to continue playing
dolfin wrote
at 10:28 AM, Thursday January 21, 2010 EST
wish to return me to play I play here so many years that I deserve this thing
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