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get her done wrote
at 8:35 AM, Thursday December 23, 2010 EST
Merry Christmas
get her done wrote
at 9:43 PM, Saturday November 27, 2010 EST
I miss seeing you, hope you are ok.
FBM wrote
at 6:28 AM, Sunday June 20, 2010 EDT
Rhio long time no see.

Hope you're ok

Rhiooo36 wrote
at 12:17 PM, Friday February 12, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ks, Kd]
johnny5 raises $100
romanchero calls
Sir Limp A Lot folds
IanDoha raises $225
Rhiooo36 raises $4,900
johnny5 calls
romanchero folds
IanDoha calls
Dealing flop: [Kh, Tc, 8c]
Dealing turn: [5c]
Dealing river: [Kc]
JakeC15 takes a seat
johnny5 shows [9h, 7h] for a pair of Kings
IanDoha shows [Ad, Jh] for a pair of Kings
Rhiooo36 shows [Ks, Kd] for four Kings
Rhiooo36 wins main pot $6,286
Rhiooo36 wins side pot $5,776
johnny5 stands up
Rhiooo36 wrote
at 8:33 PM, Saturday January 30, 2010 EST

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [7s, 8s]
GreyWolf calls
gmanc raises $600
Salvyy folds
Robinc4959 folds
barb922 folds
Rhiooo36 raises $1,575
turgy folds
tchris finishes the tournament 21st
GreyWolf folds
gmanc sits out
gmanc calls
Dealing flop: [Ts, Qs, 6s]
gmanc sits in
Dealing turn: [9s]
Dealing river: [3d]
Rhiooo36 shows [7s, 8s] for a straight flush ten high
gmanc shows [Qc, As] for a flush Ace high
Rhiooo36 wins main pot $3,750
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