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i hope 3 months has had an influence on how you talk to people and the language that you use...next time will be a permenent ban....please be more considerate of people +chat +post KC 97 3:05 PM, Tuesday December 20, 2016 EST
apparently you didnt learn..told you to clean up your language...so now suffer...no chat or post till December... -chat -post KC 97 12:18 AM, Thursday September 22, 2016 EDT
chat and post returned....next time will be a 3 month ban...clean up your language!!! +chat +post KC 97 3:44 PM, Wednesday September 21, 2016 EDT
you have been banned before for inappropriate post on forum...have had complaints about your language at tables...and you dont get away with calling a woman a bitch...no chat or post till 8-21... -chat -post KC 97 1:37 PM, Wednesday September 7, 2016 EDT
time served +post kellykellymoore 1:24 AM, Wednesday November 3, 2010 EDT
Inappropriate forum postings. -post annat 1:20 PM, Friday June 4, 2010 EDT

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Jaguar531 on Tuesday December 20, 2016
this idiots response to getting beaten is to call ppl a dumbass on there reviews, needs his potty mouth sorting out!!
shayanasadi on Thursday January 1, 2015
NibbleNobbysNuts: NICE AND QUIET HERE JAG MUST BE ON THE TIT Jaguar531: pissing on your moms mouth now Jaguar531: your mom is serving me now NibbleNobbysNuts: THANX DICK HEAD NibbleNobbysNuts: SHOULD YOU NOT BE IN BED LITTLE MAN Jaguar531: on the edge with your mom on the floor where she belongs
chrisfarley on Friday September 27, 2013
merhoops on Friday February 24, 2012
this idiot couldn't play poker if his life depended on it!!!
vimto on Sunday February 5, 2012
he's a mentalist
Yosemite on Tuesday October 4, 2011
Jaguar531: typical gpokr Jaguar531: this site always favors the dumbass
elbbep on Saturday September 24, 2011
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