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Bama Girl wrote
at 6:08 AM, Wednesday October 1, 2014 EDT
Hey Froggy, Nice job, Congrats!!!!
shylo wrote
at 4:39 PM, Wednesday September 24, 2014 EDT
hey, where are you? hope all is well
KarmaTest wrote
at 8:20 PM, Saturday September 13, 2014 EDT
e wins main pot $250
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Qc, Jc]
linos67 folds
kightkiller folds
farteeno folds
holdme calls
Jojoe folds
faresmo calls
AzHousePro calls
KarmaTest checks
Dealing flop: [Kh, Kd, Tc]
AzHousePro checks
KarmaTest checks
holdme checks
faresmo checks
Dealing turn: [Kc]
AzHousePro checks
KarmaTest bets $300
holdme folds
faresmo folds
AzHousePro folds
KarmaTest wins main pot $700

That could have been the most interesting hand I'd ever been in.... Royal Flush Draw with that board!
shylo wrote
at 10:03 PM, Friday September 12, 2014 EDT
Hello, good luck to ya :)
KarmaTest wrote
at 2:49 AM, Tuesday March 6, 2012 EST
3/6/12 230am... WOW
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3c, Kd]
knifisi calls
I'm_Bill_Bidwill calls
@SUOCERA2702 takes a seat
Gerard8 calls
no ilpstick folds
KarmaTest calls
BlueDot calls
choupi2900 takes a seat
barbus checks
Dealing flop: [Ks, Jh, 6h]
BlueDot checks
barbus checks
knifisi bets $700
I'm_Bill_Bidwill calls
Gerard8 folds
KarmaTest raises $1,400
BlueDot folds
barbus folds
knifisi calls
I'm_Bill_Bidwill folds
Dealing turn: [Th]
knifisi bets $1,500
KarmaTest calls
Dealing river: [Kh]
knifisi bets $3,900
I'm_Bill_Bidwill stands up
KarmaTest calls
KarmaTest shows [3c, Kd] for three Kings
knifisi shows [Ah, Qh] for a straight flush Ace high
knifisi wins main pot $8,818
knifisi wins side pot $2,891
KarmaTest wrote
at 12:05 PM, Friday April 2, 2010 EDT
You are the best of all time.
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