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Resonant wrote
at 8:57 PM, Friday April 16, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Qd, Kd]
jomajima calls
delta f508 calls
John Cleveland raises $19,800
Dr_Betz calls
Resonant raises $28,300
A&8 folds
hd973 folds
jomajima folds
delta f508 calls
Dr_Betz calls
Dealing flop: [Qc, As, 5c]
Dealing turn: [5s]
Dealing river: [Td]
delta f508 shows [9c, 9d] for two pair, nines and fives
John Cleveland shows [Qs, 2d] for two pair, Queens and fives
Dr_Betz shows [8s, Ks] for a pair of fives
Resonant shows [Qd, Kd] for two pair, Queens and fives
John Cleveland wins main pot $40,250
Resonant wins main pot $40,250
Resonant wins side pot $3,000
Resonant wins side pot $11,400
Resonant wins side pot $1,600
delta f508 stands up
Dr_Betz stands up
delta f508 takes a seat
Resonant wrote
at 9:44 AM, Monday March 8, 2010 EST
A nice hand for me.

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ac, As]
x_ _ calls
pierthr checks
Avatar1 calls
massimetto77 folds
chris2115 calls
Philoktetes calls
mitico79 calls
Resonant raises $800
x_ _ calls
pierthr calls
Avatar1 folds
chris2115 calls
Avatar1 stands up
Philoktetes calls
Grenadin takes a seat
mitico79 calls
Avatar1 takes a seat
Dealing flop: [Qs, 7h, Ts]
mitico79 checks
Resonant bets $3,200
x_ _ calls
pierthr folds
chris2115 folds
Philoktetes calls
mitico79 folds
Dealing turn: [5h]
mitico79 stands up
chris2115 stands up
Resonant bets $5,200
x_ _ folds
Philoktetes calls
x_ _ stands up
Dealing river: [Jc]
x_ _ takes a seat
Resonant bets $14,900
Philoktetes folds
Resonant wins main pot $40,900
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