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God must love stupid people. He made SO many.
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M_Ryan_M wrote
at 12:21 PM, Sunday April 25, 2010 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [Qd, Th]
sctraup raises $100
P O K E R calls
M_Ryan_M raises $225
slim p folds
sctraup calls
P O K E R calls
Dealing flop: [Ts, 6c, 3c]
M_Ryan_M bets $500
Pivez takes a seat
sctraup calls
P O K E R folds
Dealing turn: [Qs]
M_Ryan_M bets $500
sctraup calls
Dealing river: [As]
M_Ryan_M bets $400
sctraup calls
M_Ryan_M shows [Qd, Th] for two pair, Queens and tens
sctraup shows [Ks, Js] for a straight flush Ace high
sctraup wins main pot $3,600
M_Ryan_M wrote
at 10:22 AM, Friday April 23, 2010 EDT
yanivd shows [Ad, 4d] for a pair of nines
M_Ryan_M shows [Qh, 8s] for a straight flush Queen high
M_Ryan_M wrote
at 10:33 AM, Sunday April 11, 2010 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [8h, Jh]
lucky26062 checks
Oldlee folds
yourmom666 raises $20,200
Logig calls
Bullet475 folds
M_Ryan_M calls
lucky26062 folds
Dealing flop: [3c, 7s, 9s]
Dealing turn: [8c]
Dealing river: [3d]
yourmom666 shows [6d, 6s] for two pair, sixs and threes
Logig shows [Jc, As] for a pair of threes
M_Ryan_M shows [8h, Jh] for two pair, eights and threes
M_Ryan_M wins main pot $60,300
yourmom666 wins side pot $400
M_Ryan_M wrote
at 3:43 PM, Thursday April 8, 2010 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [4d, 4h]
Dari calls
Ineke-de-Haas calls
rocoharris folds
M_Ryan_M calls
Pzoozoo calls
nada01 raises $19,993
gardelin takes a seat
Dari folds
Ineke-de-Haas folds
M_Ryan_M calls
Pzoozoo folds
Dealing flop: [Kh, Kd, 9c]
Dealing turn: [6d]
Dealing river: [6h]
M_Ryan_M shows [4d, 4h] for two pair, Kings and sixs
nada01 shows [Qs, Ah] for two pair, Kings and sixs
nada01 wins main pot $35,674
nada01 wins side pot $2,656
M_Ryan_M stands up

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