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anna is the boss...sometimes ;)
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annat wrote
at 4:40 AM, Tuesday January 4, 2011 EST
I love you!!!! ;)
bigmoneynowhammy wrote
at 9:51 PM, Wednesday June 2, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [7d, 3d]
wildwilly calls
imatiger checks
Reality98 folds
stiffon checks
tashabee calls
mcab calls
bigmoneynowhammy checks
Dealing flop: [Jc, 6d, 5d]
mcab checks
bigmoneynowhammy checks
wildwilly checks
kcgusmc takes a seat
imatiger checks
stiffon checks
tashabee checks
Dealing turn: [9d]
mcab checks
bigmoneynowhammy bets $500
wildwilly calls
imatiger folds
stiffon folds
tashabee calls
mcab folds
Dealing river: [8d]
mcab stands up
bigmoneynowhammy bets $4,462
wildwilly calls
tashabee calls
tashabee shows [Jd, Ks] for a flush Jack high
bigmoneynowhammy shows [7d, 3d] for a straight flush nine high
wildwilly shows [9c, Ad] for a flush Ace high
bigmoneynowhammy wins main pot $8,160
bigmoneynowhammy wins side pot $3,034
bigmoneynowhammy wins side pot $825
tashabee stands up
wildwilly stands up
mcab takes a seat
annat wrote
at 5:03 AM, Thursday May 27, 2010 EDT
I Love you!
annat wrote
at 8:11 PM, Sunday May 23, 2010 EDT
AWWWW, feel the same way. Love you Troy!!!
annat wrote
at 5:59 PM, Tuesday May 11, 2010 EDT
bigmoneynowhammy: i dont need to chase anymore because i have already caught you baby
MARINE54-64 is here
M GO BLUE is here
annat: damn right :)
annat wrote
at 5:38 PM, Monday May 10, 2010 EDT
oh and "....sometimes" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
annat wrote
at 5:38 PM, Monday May 10, 2010 EDT
Nice job baby! Keep it up. However, get more sleep :(
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