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restored +chat +post kellykellymoore 8:46 PM, Wednesday September 8, 2010 EDT
Racism at tables...1 week. Take it somewhere else. -chat -post kellykellymoore 6:29 PM, Wednesday August 18, 2010 EDT

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Everyone Must know who you are : Couder Chaser: YOU DUMB FUCKING JEW THE Q: lol CLR: fuck you couder and stfu Couder Chaser: STFU Couder Chaser: FAGS CHASE A 4 FLUSH Couder Chaser: PATHETIC Couder Chaser: AND FUCK JEWS,,HAIL HITLER ;) get her done has left Colm Crotty: hi clouder THE Q: u stupid Couder Chaser: CANT WAIT TILL IRAN NUKES YOUR BITCHES Colm Crotty: ad the Fuhr Colm Crotty: heil hitler Colm Crotty: clouder like my avatar? Colm Crotty: ? Colm Crotty: ? Colm Crotty: ? Colm Crotty: ? Colm Crotty: ? Colm Crotty: ? Colm Crotty: ? Colm Crotty: ? Colm Crotty: do ya Colm Crotty: :( Couder Chaser: guess thats why your jew ass cant break 300k Colm Crotty: hey clouder do u like my avatar Couder Chaser: pretty cool Colm Crotty: ty Couder Chaser: but i like burning jews better' Colm Crotty: lol same
CLR on Wednesday August 18, 2010
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