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jboyd wrote
at 4:12 PM, Tuesday September 20, 2011 EDT

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3d, 3s]
gpokrisrigged calls
jboyd raises $75
reedleo calls
gpokrisrigged calls
Dealing flop: [Qd, 3h, 3c]
jboyd checks
reedleo checks
gpokrisrigged checks
Dealing turn: [6c]
jboyd bets $50
reedleo calls
gpokrisrigged folds
Dealing river: [7d]
jboyd bets $50
reedleo calls
reedleo shows [4h, 6d] for two pair, sixs and threes
jboyd shows [3d, 3s] for four threes
jboyd wins main pot $500
TLP wrote
at 8:19 AM, Thursday August 18, 2011 EDT
"u lil kunt who the fuk are u talking like that 2 ppl, man u lucky u aint from rnd my ways or ull dead man walking, your the most un skilled un liked twat on this site and u ever say anything 2 1 of my freinds again ill fuking find u and fuk u up "
by jboyd

I dont know what promted this 'review' but if I see anymore abuse like this it may result in chat and posting privileges being suspended on your account.
Bettyke wrote
at 2:37 AM, Wednesday December 8, 2010 EST
Hey there, your av is ready. You can pick it up if and when we're both online at the same time or I can email it to you if you give me your email address or simply name a friend who might be able to pick it up for you. Remember, I'm only here till Friday. Gl.
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