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TLP wrote
at 6:08 PM, Saturday July 17, 2010 EDT
FudgeyProlapse: why is it people like to put picture of skanks as their avatar

athanatos is here

arealgale: omg my feelngs are so hurt

arealgale: how will i ever get through the day

Rabid Womble: you should have millions of medals fudgey

FudgeyProlapse: the picture look like on of those whore tiger woods was fing

FudgeyProlapse: good fold

andorka is here

andorka has left

LexnEffex has left

FudgeyProlapse: picutre of a bus station skank bought off with a subway sandwich

fechin is here

arealgale: keep talking genius

FudgeyProlapse: i'm guess you're being sarcastic

Rabid Womble: its a lovely pic, captures all your mushiness

arealgale: you mean guessing

FudgeyProlapse: no

arealgale: oh you meant to sound stupid then

LexnEffex is here

barb922 is here

FudgeyProlapse: always

yukkuri is here

FudgeyProlapse: I have to dumb it down to your lingo

SpectrumPT is here

yukkuri has left

FudgeyProlapse: bus station skank lingo
TLP wrote
at 11:48 AM, Friday July 16, 2010 EDT
It has been brought to my attention that you were being abusive to a fellow player earlier today. Having seen the chat log I write to warn you that should a repeat of this behaviour be reported to me then you will lose the chat priviledge on your account.
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