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Beat10BAD wrote
at 7:56 AM, Sunday September 12, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Kd, Ks]
Up Dogg calls
crappy crappy folds
honey39 calls
Gus33 checks
Eljen checks
Eric17 sits out
Eric17 checks
tino2000 raises $1,425
Beat10BAD calls
Eric17 sits in
n1ckusha folds
Up Dogg calls
honey39 sits out
honey39 folds
Gus33 folds
Eljen sits out
Eljen folds
Eric17 folds
Dealing flop: [4s, Kc, Kh]
Dealing turn: [Td]
Dealing river: [Ad]
Beat10BAD shows [Kd, Ks] for four Kings
Up Dogg shows [As, 8h] for two pair, Aces and Kings
tino2000 shows [Ac, Ah] for a full house, Aces full of Kings
Beat10BAD wins main pot $2,200
Beat10BAD wins side pot $1,550
Up Dogg stands up
tino2000 stands up
nemmo takes a seat
Beat10BAD wrote
at 6:20 AM, Sunday September 5, 2010 EDT
Glad You Came back into the Medal! with seconds to spare!!
Beat10BAD wrote
at 6:17 AM, Sunday September 5, 2010 EDT
What can I say.. Everyone Loves a GrrrRRRReeeEEaaAATTT Belly RuB!!!!
imatiger wrote
at 11:31 PM, Tuesday August 31, 2010 EDT
I really do think that you SERIOUSLY bring me good luck. I was all down. and out. and not only out of top 25 but out of top 100 and then you came and gave the rubrubrub, lol. and I hit quad 8s with a 1 mill pot. :)
Beat10BAD wrote
at 8:44 AM, Monday August 9, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [6c, 6s]
kevin007 sits out
kevin007 folds
Toby Tyke raises $100
Beat10BAD calls
Red Maniac folds
starkman takes a seat
John Boddie calls
S-SPADE folds
SKEETER1 calls
Dealing flop: [6d, 6h, 3s]
kevin007 sits in
SKEETER1 checks
Toby Tyke bets $450
Beat10BAD raises $1,100
John Boddie folds
SKEETER1 folds
Toby Tyke calls
Dealing turn: [Qc]
Toby Tyke bets $700
Beat10BAD calls
Dealing river: [Qd]
Toby Tyke shows [7s, 7d] for two pair, Queens and sevens
Beat10BAD shows [6c, 6s] for four sixs
Beat10BAD wins main pot $4,025
Toby Tyke stands up
Steeler Mom wrote
at 3:52 PM, Tuesday July 20, 2010 EDT
sweet.....we can finally play together...:) gl
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