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MrsGrendler: just sit and put your dice where your mouth is
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Recognized on 9:46 PM, Monday January 25, 2016 EST by integral
congrats on getting the highest score ever
Recognized on 7:26 PM, Wednesday May 28, 2014 EDT by Marice
For being a friendly member of the xsketch community. Encouraging of others and helpful. Great playing with you :-)

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restored +play integral 9:35 PM, Monday August 28, 2017 EDT
asked for -play, anyone can restore it. gl with studying -play integral 10:03 PM, Monday June 5, 2017 EDT
welcome back :) +play brunettebarbie 9:57 AM, Wednesday April 30, 2014 EDT
banned by request of herself...any mod can unban on request from player Have fun in RL :) -play brunettebarbie 12:00 PM, Thursday April 24, 2014 EDT
asked for account back :) +play jurgen 5:39 PM, Sunday March 10, 2013 EDT
Just tell me (or any mod) when you want them back Julie. All the best in life -play jurgen 10:18 AM, Monday September 24, 2012 EDT

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Aleksa_bre on Thursday April 27, 2023
Green ur very very special girl, I have ever seen a funny girl, like u, u always make happy people around u, miss u so much
@VunnamRamu on Monday April 8, 2019
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