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JABLO wrote
at 7:38 AM, Friday November 26, 2010 EST

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [8c, 9c]
JABLO calls
Javipu14 raises $25,000
R-O-B-B-Y folds
71181 calls
Snorbo calls
JABLO calls
Dealing flop: [9d, 4c, Kd]
71181 checks
Snorbo bets $40,000
JABLO calls
71181 folds
Dealing turn: [6c]
Snorbo bets $70,000
JABLO calls
Dealing river: [Qc]
Snorbo bets $95,000
JABLO raises $380,120
R-O-B-B-Y stands up
Snorbo calls
Javipu14 shows [3d, 3h] for a pair of threes
Snorbo shows [Kh, Jh] for a pair of Kings
JABLO shows [8c, 9c] for a flush Queen high
JABLO wins main pot $100,000
JABLO wins side pot $980,240
Javipu14 stands up
Snorbo stands up
JABLO wrote
at 6:59 PM, Saturday October 16, 2010 EDT

Dealing pocket cards: [Qh, 4h]
bali1 folds
fletch1165 calls
Dead Money calls
JABLO raises $750
2GUNS calls
JustJay raises $1,400
fletch1165 folds
Dead Money folds
2GUNS calls
Dealing flop: [Qc, 7h, Qs]
2GUNS checks
JustJay bets $50
2GUNS calls
Dealing turn: [Qd]
Dealing river: [6s]
JABLO shows [Qh, 4h] for four Queens
2GUNS shows [2d, Jd] for three Queens
JustJay shows [Kh, Kc] for a full house, Queens full of Kings
JABLO wins main pot $2,350
JustJay wins side pot $1,500
2GUNS stands up

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [4d, Ts]
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