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Crazy Smurf

brighty: you were the load your mammy shoulda swallowed
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Recognized on 3:00 PM, Thursday August 4, 2011 EDT by jurgen
I know this is controversial but you deserve it and I promised you weeks ago.

Thank you for sacrificing so much of your time to infiltrate in the cheater rings and provide me with valuable insights and evidence. I know that at times, it was hard for you to pretend to cheat so you could fit in. I think it's time we cleared your name so people won't think of you as the typical cheater

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pga with kostur. You finally made me lose hope that you would ever stop cheating or favouring people. -changeAvatar -chat -post -avatar jurgen 7:03 PM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
I asked you to TANK as 7ths, not to help cool g! -play jurgen 8:57 PM, Monday October 31, 2011 EDT
go ahead and tank +play jurgen 4:10 PM, Monday October 31, 2011 EDT
banned by the kdice community -play jurgen 7:27 PM, Saturday October 29, 2011 EDT
asked for reset av -avatar TLP 5:00 PM, Sunday October 9, 2011 EDT
unbanned +chat +play +post jurgen 1:48 PM, Monday August 1, 2011 EDT
pgaing veta, Smurf I already warned you about funneling or not playing to win yourself to help "friends" ban until end of the month on this account, last warning though -chat -play -post jurgen 9:44 AM, Sunday July 24, 2011 EDT

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