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"What really matters isn't the war you're waging; it's that you don't lose the person you are in the midst of battle."
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finesse (>'-')> wrote
at 11:37 PM, Sunday December 25, 2016 EST
merry christmas
Amoos wrote
at 3:59 PM, Sunday October 12, 2014 EDT
I miss seeing ur lovely face at the table :P hope all is well ..
Amoos wrote
at 3:57 PM, Sunday October 12, 2014 EDT
i miss seeing ur lovely face at the table :P hope all is well..
remark wrote
at 11:05 PM, Saturday August 16, 2014 EDT
won another tourney, now I won't be able to play in low-level tables for half a month. my life is so hard
remark wrote
at 9:32 PM, Thursday November 21, 2013 EST
remark wrote
at 3:34 PM, Thursday November 21, 2013 EST
makes sense, you were always leaning toward the dark side of the force.
remark wrote
at 7:21 PM, Friday October 25, 2013 EDT
no, you totally didn't. it doesn't count unless I'm there.

btw in the handful of games you TOTALLY DIDN'T PLAY, someone left you a review for stabbing rofl
remark wrote
at 2:21 AM, Sunday April 14, 2013 EDT
I played some games! where were you?
Amoos wrote
at 3:18 PM, Saturday March 23, 2013 EDT
when ur on.. it doesn't show which table ur at. how am i supposed to stalk u now lol
Vohaul wrote
at 10:53 PM, Friday December 21, 2012 EST
Lol, haven't quite kicked dice yet eh?

Hope you and your still(!) young looking daughter have a great Christmas and New Years ;)
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