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stiv75 wrote
at 9:11 AM, Thursday January 24, 2013 EST
sitgo88 wrote
at 4:25 AM, Sunday September 18, 2011 EDT
mi manchi tanto, torna!!
man_united wrote
at 7:28 AM, Tuesday August 30, 2011 EDT
...miss u...
CT% wrote
at 7:24 AM, Monday July 4, 2011 EDT
i love kiara
CT% wrote
at 3:12 PM, Sunday July 3, 2011 EDT
I love you Kiara
man_united wrote
at 2:24 AM, Thursday June 23, 2011 EDT
just control yourself...and take it easy :)))
Cristiano917 wrote
at 2:52 AM, Tuesday June 21, 2011 EDT
Kiara, take it easy. I don't play well last days too, but we have to be patient and play it gently. Take care, medal is in your range :)
stiv75 wrote
at 9:21 AM, Friday June 17, 2011 EDT
...farò del mio meglio... vedrò di non deluderti!!! Buon week-end a te fanciulla... baci!!!
man_united wrote
at 7:01 AM, Thursday June 16, 2011 EDT
no hard feelings, K :)))
i didn't misunderstood u
but, i can't be mad at u anyway!!!
Renard_tapis wrote
at 10:27 AM, Sunday June 12, 2011 EDT
italian actress name i'd forgotten ! : Ornella Muti ; )..and the clip (to watch till cruel end lol) :
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