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keeferchick wrote
at 4:47 PM, Wednesday December 14, 2011 EST
happy holiday s or merry christmas which ever 1 you perfer and a happy new year hope all is good for you and your family
Sol Goodman wrote
at 6:29 PM, Saturday November 19, 2011 EST
You won't be able to reach me since you don't like FaceBook. I'll see ya at the tables instead...you can ask me computer questions there.
bev3002 wrote
at 5:20 PM, Saturday November 19, 2011 EST
sol i will try to e mail u
The Caller wrote
at 7:38 PM, Tuesday October 25, 2011 EDT
it's good to talk to you again :-)
The Caller wrote
at 10:00 PM, Wednesday October 19, 2011 EDT
i do miss my bf... new pic is beautiful
The Caller wrote
at 12:35 AM, Saturday October 15, 2011 EDT
this stupid game is not worth hurting someone!
The Caller wrote
at 4:48 AM, Wednesday October 12, 2011 EDT
hope its not serious! wish you the best my bf
The Caller wrote
at 7:30 AM, Monday October 10, 2011 EDT
gm bf: sure miss u, nice 2 c ur doin well.vgl 2 u see u tonight?
The Caller wrote
at 6:23 AM, Friday October 7, 2011 EDT
gm sbf, hope u feel better today, gl 2 u 2day. have a good day :-)
The Caller wrote
at 6:24 AM, Thursday October 6, 2011 EDT
good morning beautiful! hope u an molly have a good day :-) xx
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