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20000000 wrote
at 8:18 AM, Monday March 18, 2013 EDT

Euthanizer checks

Dragoljub checks

_GladiatoR_ checks

pignolata bets $2,000

NewTruth folds

boanstveni2 folds

__10__ is here

__10__ is here

flitsyu is here

20000000 is here

Joker88 has left

20000000 is here

smola: :)

20000000: maybe he cant talk u donk

NewTruth is here

aamike: like shit face

aamike: u

20000000: he muted bcouse say words like u b4

aamike: so fuckin what fuck face

20000000 wrote
at 3:53 PM, Tuesday November 22, 2011 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ts, As]
lux12 folds
Bart Simpson is raises $6,000
Kickyerbutt folds
stumblingstumble calls
tomaka calls
20000000 calls
GeorgeSoros calls
qi888 calls
Dealing flop: [Ks, Qs, 7h]
GeorgeSoros checks
qi888 checks
Bart Simpson is bets $18,000
stumblingstumble folds
tomaka calls
20000000 calls
GeorgeSoros folds
qi888 folds
Dealing turn: [Qc]
Bart Simpson is bets $66,000
tomaka folds
20000000 calls
Dealing river: [Js]
Bart Simpson is bets $104,000
20000000 calls
20000000 shows [Ts, As] for a straight flush Ace high
Bart Simpson is shows [Kh, Qh] for a full house, Queens full of Kings
20000000 wins main pot $430,000
Bart Simpson is stands up
20000000 wrote
at 3:35 PM, Wednesday June 29, 2011 EDT

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3h, 4h]
PokerFranci calls
avi_25 checks
ramonfaur calls
20000000 calls
diablo raises $6,000
steve56 folds
@sober73 folds
EK2012 calls
PokerFranci calls
avi_25 folds
ramonfaur calls
20000000 calls
Dealing flop: [2h, 6h, 5h]
EK2012 bets $1,000
PokerFranci calls
ramonfaur calls
20000000 calls
diablo raises $102,000
EK2012 folds
PokerFranci folds
ramonfaur folds
20000000 calls
Dealing turn: [9s]
Dealing river: [Kc]
20000000 shows [3h, 4h] for a straight flush six high
diablo shows [9h, Jh] for a flush Jack high
20000000 wins main pot $216,500
diablo wins side pot $11,000
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