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COME BACK DICKO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bucktooth on Saturday December 13, 2014
sheepshagger on Thursday April 12, 2012
celtic188802: just u dicko Molduz: lay down the guiness Molduz: but you said it to someone else celtic188802: no celtic188802: just u elbbep: molduz is the dicko celtic188802: yes elbbep: ahh i c Molduz: why elbbep: hi dicko Molduz: i dont want to be el dicko elbbep: ?? Molduz: no elbbep: why u call yourself "dicko" then? celtic188802: why Molduz: because i comply Molduz: i dont want to be a dicko elbbep: so i say "hi" dicko elbbep: its your name Molduz: i say hi Molduz: im a dicko
elbbep on Tuesday April 10, 2012
dicko clearly has the stewards in his back pocket.....or is it in his backside?
bwana1964dg on Wednesday January 11, 2012
......clearly you are unaware of the difference between lust and love. You dont bring me flowers anymore..... You never take me out to dinner.... You never call me just to say you miss me... You never cuddle me, you grope me like a bloody quarter pounder..... Need i go on ?????
dicko56 on Sunday January 1, 2012
but....but....but.... i love you!!!!
"pebble" on Sunday January 1, 2012
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