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Bama Girl wrote
at 5:43 AM, Tuesday January 28, 2014 EST
Thank you so much for letting me know how things are. You are in my thoughts often, and in my prayers always my friend. I wish you the very best Jason... You were such a great friend to RP and I both during our little trial, and we both think highly of you. Always there for him as a buddy who knew where he was coming from, and still there as a friend to me when I just needed a few gentle words, and a laugh... I trust things will get better for you very soon.. Hold tight to Hope hun it pays off in wonderful ways. Cherish every moment with the children, hug just a little tighter, take time to see the beauty all around you!!!We look forward to seeing you back here with us, and hearing how awesome things have turned out!!!! "Big Hugs" Always,Shea
Bama Girl wrote
at 5:29 AM, Tuesday December 24, 2013 EST
Hi Jason, You are in our thoughts & prayers. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!! Try to keep in contact, We wish you the very best dear... "HUG'S" Shea : )
SHEA LUV wrote
at 8:16 PM, Wednesday August 1, 2012 EDT
Thanx JG.. Could use a friend!!!
Luvs Ya All wrote
at 3:20 PM, Sunday July 8, 2012 EDT
Woohoo Jason, well done, keep up the good work :o)
TLP wrote
at 11:30 AM, Sunday July 1, 2012 EDT
Congrats on medal Jason, see you at the tables in July!
The Caller wrote
at 4:31 AM, Friday March 9, 2012 EST
hey bro..daughter moved,and took game with her..finally got it back!
The Caller wrote
at 9:49 AM, Saturday October 1, 2011 EDT
gl 2 u this month my friend!
lynnmay wrote
at 7:14 PM, Sunday September 4, 2011 EDT
Ayoub El Aich shows [8d, 7c] for a pair of Jacks
headstrongmama shows [6s, Kh] for a pair of Jacks
Jason Guilkey shows [Js, Jh] for four Jacks
Jason Guilkey wins main pot $4,550
Jason Guilkey wins side pot $1,496
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