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This player has been modded by the community

restored...this mod hasn't been around for a few months and probably forgot +chat gnice37 2:57 AM, Sunday October 25, 2015 EDT
way out of line chat -chat river bum 4:14 PM, Wednesday December 3, 2014 EST
way out of line chat -chat river bum 4:14 PM, Wednesday December 3, 2014 EST
player agrees to rules +changeAvatar gnice37 1:13 PM, Saturday September 27, 2014 EDT
talked w/ player...he is willing to play by rules +chat +play +post gnice37 4:52 PM, Tuesday September 23, 2014 EDT
done -play -post -re-register gnice37 7:25 PM, Monday June 30, 2014 EDT
inappropriate language -chat gnice37 9:01 PM, Thursday June 26, 2014 EDT
You were warned about your avatar and chose to still use something unsuitable, now you lose the choice. -changeAvatar -avatar TLP 4:34 PM, Thursday June 26, 2014 EDT
Choose a less controversial avatar. Choose wisely! -avatar TLP 4:16 PM, Thursday June 26, 2014 EDT
There have been complaints about your avatar. Choose something that will not offend or lose privilege. Thanks -avatar TLP 2:19 PM, Monday November 11, 2013 EST
reinstated, new month, new start, keep it 'fun' not nasty please +changeAvatar +chat +play +post TLP 7:16 PM, Wednesday May 1, 2013 EDT
Pointless childish name calling abuse of a moderator isnt funny or clever, so you have the joy of being remuted for your childishness -changeAvatar -chat -play -post +re-register -avatar TLP 12:19 PM, Wednesday April 17, 2013 EDT
reinstaed. When asked politely to stop with the abusive chat in future, please listen or re-muting will be the result with a longer silent time! +chat +post TLP 4:36 PM, Thursday April 4, 2013 EDT
continual use of c-word despite being asked to stop -chat -post -re-register TLP 3:02 PM, Saturday March 30, 2013 EDT

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Really a little sad Jump!!! I have never judged you for your offbeat sense of humor, and have even defended you at times. However, you decided for whatever reason I would make a nice victim for you! I don't appreciate your words, or you following me from table to table with your constant harassment... I even almost let you win and decided not to play here anymore... I have decided instead to ignore you the best I can. Please remember there are real people behind the avatars here. Have your fun jump, just please leave me out of it...
Bama Girl on Wednesday July 9, 2014
Keeps abusing other plays and explicitly used the c-word.
RY4N1994 on Thursday February 6, 2014
Leo is a tard
Tiboum on Wednesday August 14, 2013
If you do not like 21 jumpstreet then ignore him. You bring it on yourself if you try to outwit him as you will probably lose. Just unmute him and leave him alone.
RutttOh on Thursday April 18, 2013
hip hop will make ya jump jump. daddy mac will make ya jump jump. kris cross will jump jump. uh hu, uh hu
Geckko on Thursday March 7, 2013
21 always is a pleasure to sit at a table with you. your are a gentleman to me and yes i'm over 40 :) and boobs are still where they belong
keeferchick on Monday September 10, 2012
2012-06-30 21jumpstreet is a chat jerk of the aw-i'm-just-kidding type. Some jerks and bullies want it both ways; they like the feeling of power they get when they act like jerks and bullies, but they are too cowardly to stay in that guise--they want acceptance AND domination. All chat below is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ [Note: This copy-and-paste starts a few lines in to our chatting. We are missing the original pose by 21jumpstreet who, channeling Andrew Dice Clay, calls Italian women "dago c*nts" repeatedly during the first part of his act. THAT is 21jumpstreet, but he is just kidding, right Dear Readers?] ---------- 3.14159: meters ---------- 21jumpstreet: sure kid sure ---------- 3.14159: don't be looking at me that way now ---------- 3.14159: just cause you know ---------- 21jumpstreet: Why in the hell would you put your dick size on here ---------- 3.14159: you ARE clever, aren't you? ---------- 21jumpstreet: and who cares about the .14159 ---------- 3.14159: you have that going for you ---------- 3.14159: typical web boy stuff, but you knew that ---------- 21jumpstreet: shit just round it off to 3.15 ffs ---------- 3.14159: but it is just a pose anyway ---------- 3.14159: you like the anonymity of the internet--you feel STRONG ---------- 21jumpstreet: You pose for nose jobs ---------- 21jumpstreet: And squooze for blowz ---------- 3.14159: "watch me say bad words and insults!" you say ---------- 3.14159: "i am a tough big boy" you say ---------- 21jumpstreet: Put down the nitros and play cards kid ---------- 3.14159: you get a tiny tingle up your spine when you act out like this ---------- 21jumpstreet: stop sniffing ---------- 3.14159: typical web boy ---------- 3.14159: you are nothing new ---------- 3.14159: nothing special ---------- 3.14159: just one of the 3% ---------- 21jumpstreet: Cmon kid I try to teach you some facts and your getting pissy ---------- 3.14159: pissy? just calling a web boy a web boy ---------- 21jumpstreet: I'm trying to educate this kid and he gets mad at me ---------- 3.14159: pointing at you and laughing ---------- 3.14159: nothing unusual in that, either ---------- 21jumpstreet: You cant teach kids nothing these days ---------- 3.14159: you were doing a fine job teaching us about women--keep going ---------- 21jumpstreet: I never said antyhing about women ---------- 3.14159: italians, wasps--what's next? ---------- 21jumpstreet: I only talking about cunts ########## ---------- 3.14159: i bet you only know c*nts, right? ---------- 3.14159: or saints like your mother? ---------- 21jumpstreet: You know how to tell a cunt ########## ---------- 3.14159: that is all you know ---------- 21jumpstreet: All the Cunts think there are Women ########## ---------- 21jumpstreet: And the real women are all gone anywayso you know there not around ---------- 3.14159: misogyny is not pretty, but it will always be with us ---------- 3.14159: right 21? ---------- 21jumpstreet: Miso guy ? is that your Jap boyfriend ? ---------- 3.14159: take you time googling ---------- 3.14159: we will wait ---------- 3.14159: uneducated and a jerk--that is no way to go through life, 21 ---------- 21jumpstreet: I dont like jerks I prefer mouth, lips and the rest ---------- 3.14159: pursue wisdom, truth, and justice instead ---------- 3.14159: read one book in your life ---------- OldMatelot: and a little hand job now and then ---------- 3.14159: try it--it won't kill you ---------- 21jumpstreet: Your the 3% i suppose ---------- 3.14159: no, i am the 97% ---------- 21jumpstreet: your a 3 percenter ---------- 3.14159: YOU are the 3% ---------- 21jumpstreet: Then why you sport a 3 ---------- 3.14159: you are one of the rats and cockroaches we have to live with ---------- OldMatelot: lol ---------- 21jumpstreet: Hey Candy ---------- 21jumpstreet: this kid over her is funny ---------- 21jumpstreet: I got him totally engaged and he has no clue ---------- 3.14159: we can't get rid of you all, but we can point and you and laugh at you and walk around your filth ---------- OldMatelot: about as funny as a hat full of dried arseholes!!!! ---------- 21jumpstreet: Hes overdosing on my BS line ---------- 3.14159: i said long ago it was a pose--did you miss it? ---------- 21jumpstreet: Hey 3 take the hook out of your mouth I want to catch another fish ---------- 3.14159: 21, learn to read ---------- 3.14159: read one good book ---------- 3.14159: read one book ---------- 3.14159: it is good for you ---------- 21jumpstreet: I got him locked in ---------- 21jumpstreet: hes mine ---------- OldMatelot: is he on medication? ---------- 21jumpstreet: I captiured him hes my cassette ---------- 3.14159: i beat 21 six ways from sunday ---------- OldMatelot: if not, he should be !!! ---------- 3.14159: you are my meat, 21 ---------- 3.14159: i eat you up ---------- 3.14159: *dancing* ---------- 21jumpstreet: Hes soo wrapped up in my bs talk hes staring to get crazy like me ---------- OldMatelot: like the pie - full of crap ---------- 21jumpstreet: Oh man its too much ---------- Blasphemer: faster game at new table? ---------- 3.14159: did you have to call in extra help, 21? ---------- 21jumpstreet: sorry Kids ---------- 3.14159: is that why you were away before? not to look up misogyny? ---------- 3.14159: 2v1 sounds about right for you, 21 ---------- 21jumpstreet: Hey kid you been fun I was just messing with you head ---------- 21jumpstreet: Now ends the lesson ---------- 3.14159: especially when you are so outclassed ---------- 3.14159: run away now ---------- OldMatelot: ffs ---------- 21jumpstreet: okay you did well if you can take my bs and still keep a level head you okay ---------- 3.14159: posing ---------- 21jumpstreet: now ends the lesson for today ---------- 3.14159: run on now ---------- 3.14159: you have an appointment ---------- 21jumpstreet: Hes still wrapped up in me ---------- 21jumpstreet: geez ---------- 3.14159: you know what it is ---------- 3.14159: can't walk away? ---------- 3.14159: i have him ---------- 3.14159: he can't leave ---------- 3.14159: 21 is in my power ---------- 21jumpstreet: Hes crazy like me now ---------- 21jumpstreet: You guys see what I did to hi, ---------- OldMatelot: in your dreams ---------- 21jumpstreet: him ---------- 21jumpstreet: I think I pushed him over ---------- 3.14159: 2v1 again? really? ---------- 21jumpstreet: sorry kid I was just messing with ya ---------- OldMatelot: he's a shirt lifter ---------- 3.14159: well, you ARE way outclassed, so i don't begrudge you ---------- 21jumpstreet: OldMatelot is a toelicker from Birmigham ---------- 3.14159: no problem--i have this at my fingertips ---------- 21jumpstreet: Birmingham ---------- 3.14159: your apology is accepted, 21 ---------- OldMatelot: lol ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- 3.14159: rofl ---------- 3.14159: lmao ---------- 3.14159: pick one ---------- 21jumpstreet: Yeah I dont want 3 to stalk me now ---------- OldMatelot: freo girl ---------- 21jumpstreet: Maybe he is a dago , the more I piss on him the more he wants to talk to me ---------- freogo: g'day ---------- 3.14159: stalk you? i'll forget you in 2 minutes ---------- OldMatelot: gday sport ---------- 3.14159: YOU will chat at me LONG before i chat at you ---------- 21jumpstreet: You wont forgot me kid will have wet dreams about me ---------- 21jumpstreet: hahah ---------- 3.14159: run on now ---------- 3.14159: when we next play at the same table, you will mention ME first ---------- 3.14159: i won't speak about YOU first ---------- 21jumpstreet: cmon heads up maybe ? ---------- 3.14159: you HATE being called out for your behavior ---------- 3.14159: HATE it ---------- 21jumpstreet: I will offer you a game if you refuse i will not call you a coward ---------- 3.14159: you will remember this chat for the rest of your life ---------- 3.14159: but i will forget you right away ---------- 3.14159: the chat game has been won by me several times over ---------- 21jumpstreet: Damn yack yack yack ---------- freogo: blah blah blah ---------- 21jumpstreet: maybe it is a woman ? ---------- OldMatelot: diarrhea of the gob ---------- 3.14159: does that make you feel better, 21? ---------- 3.14159: if so, i am glad ---------- 21jumpstreet: Only if your a dago chick ########## ---------- 3.14159: your? you're? ---------- OldMatelot: re-name him "Moses" because everytime he opens his mouth the "bullrushes" ---------- 3.14159: don't be embarrassed--i am sure it happens all the time to you ---------- 21jumpstreet: thanks for the correction your actually useful for soemthing other than my toy ---------- 3.14159: couldn't leave could you! *dancing* another win for me ---------- 21jumpstreet: shit man that kid is locked in ---------- 21jumpstreet: I apologize to the table ---------- 3.14159: as you should ---------- 21jumpstreet: Aww dont let your game fuck up ########## ---------- 3.14159: good for you ---------- 21jumpstreet: now you fucking up ---------- 3.14159: no, really--that was good humility there, 21 ---------- OldMatelot has left ---------- 21jumpstreet: You still got some chips ---------- 3.14159: and concern for others ---------- 21jumpstreet: hold on to them ---------- 3.14159: you are on the right track ---------- 3.14159: keep it up ---------- 21jumpstreet: good luck crack head ---------- 3.14159: we need more well-mannered people and fewer web boys ---------- 3.14159: don't be a web boy ---------- 21jumpstreet: You want me be a web toy like you ---------- 3.14159: your apology was the correct thing to do ---------- 3.14159: good for you ---------- 21jumpstreet: just kidding 3 ---------- 21jumpstreet: thats a nasty shit hand plumber ---------- 21jumpstreet: good luck ---------- 21jumpstreet: later have to run sorry 3 I cant stay ---------- 21jumpstreet: he miss me the most ---------- 3.14159: keep up the good manners--that is wonderful ---------- 21jumpstreet has left ---------- 3.14159: that is all the rest of us ask of you
oakcliff on Tuesday July 3, 2012
it's a pleasure to be your friend, many wyshies.
leon6854 on Tuesday May 1, 2012
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