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Snoods wrote
at 7:15 PM, Monday December 25, 2023 EST
Hi pal sry not beeen on happy Xmas and god bless new year my friend take care
Snoods wrote
at 7:08 PM, Monday December 31, 2018 EST
Hny buddy keep the faith lol cya soon Yong fella god bless
Snoods wrote
at 3:35 PM, Sunday September 9, 2018 EDT
Cool pic mt8 I like it back 2 old school gl this month up the mighty whites
Snoods wrote
at 3:52 AM, Monday December 26, 2016 EST
Happy Xmas mt8 hope u and your family all the best for the rest of this year and 2017 your old chum snoods marching on 2geter la la la la la la hehe good luck mt8.
Snoods wrote
at 7:16 PM, Saturday January 3, 2015 EST
Happy new year u and. Your family best off luck 4 new year fella
Snoods wrote
at 4:39 PM, Wednesday December 24, 2014 EST
Happy Xmas fella u and your family have a good1 mt8
Snoods wrote
at 2:29 AM, Monday February 3, 2014 EST
Hi mt8 n1 lol gl fella
Snoods wrote
at 3:36 AM, Wednesday January 1, 2014 EST
Happy new year hope u and your family have a blessed 1 tc cya soon mt8
Snoods wrote
at 9:33 AM, Tuesday December 24, 2013 EST
Hi Asilad happy Xmas and hope Santa comes my friend tc
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