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Recognized on 12:44 AM, Monday June 8, 2015 EDT by kellykellymoore
Thank you, Tchalla, for being a great player who really enjoys the game. You always play with grace and dignity. Congrats on being the June 2015 Player of the Month. GL!

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Praying for you and your family, may the Lord keep you all safe.
shylo on Saturday September 9, 2017
Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [Ts, 7s] MrLimbr calls MJT calls Tchalla calls w widow calls Punk In Drublic sits out Punk In Drublic folds Dhukian calls gt007 folds Punk In Drublic stands up califblueboxer sits out califblueboxer folds Hawaii Bob checks Dealing flop: [6s, 8s, 4s] Hawaii Bob checks MrLimbr checks MJT checks califblueboxer sits in Tchalla checks w widow checks Dhukian bets $700 Hawaii Bob folds MrLimbr folds MJT folds Tchalla calls w widow folds Dealing turn: [4c] Tchalla checks Dhukian bets $700 Tchalla raises $1,400 Dhukian calls Dealing river: [9s] Tchalla checks Dhukian bets $4,500 Tchalla raises $9,000 Dhukian raises $9,000 Tchalla raises $7,900 Dhukian calls Tchalla shows [Ts, 7s] for a straight flush ten high Dhukian shows [As, 5h] for a flush Ace high Tchalla wins main pot $39,300
Tchalla on Monday July 7, 2014
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