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Friends you are welcome, WARNING for all the others people there are a free wild lion around you. Take care of your self.
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Recognized on 4:34 PM, Wednesday June 26, 2013 EDT by lynnmay
An asset to the Gpokr family!! Always a joy to play with and helpful to others..thank you!

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no posting abilty, dont know why so restored to this player. +post TLP 3:55 PM, Thursday March 13, 2014 EDT

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http://gpokr.com/games/88401902 http://gpokr.com/games/88401906 You truly need help
teepee on Tuesday January 19, 2021
Third third third, congrats congrats congrats......
Ramu the hacker on Monday November 30, 2020
Goes all in most of the time, is constantly bluffing, and happens to win medals on a regular basis, but only because of the sheer number of tournaments he's playing. Not fun to play with, sorry.
black-rainbows on Monday March 2, 2020
hi it's [email protected] have a fantastic birthday!!
lulu jamby on Tuesday August 7, 2018
He is awful at poker... always fishing and trying to play bingo.
Dick Tucker on Friday July 15, 2016
what a tremendous player. 1 hand played and in 3rd place with 1 million. These medals are a crap!
DEW390 on Thursday November 12, 2015
Leon gl mt8 I catch ya when the site gets fixed sometime good luck at the tables fella
Snoods on Wednesday August 6, 2014
do not talk to me r mean to me all the time i'll call ryan next time
Terry321123 on Friday October 25, 2013
Leon, apology accepted. I cannot play differently. I dont know friend plays etiquet. I check and bet according to my hand unless I fold when you bet. Its very uncomfortable for me playing now. I guess if I continue to feel this way I will try to find another place to play poker. Annya
SpookyAnnya on Thursday March 21, 2013
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