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last chance, if caught transferring again the acct will be removed. +chat +play +post gnice37 9:56 PM, Thursday June 2, 2022 EDT
banned for playing against yourself again, using the same accts you did 2 yrs ago when i caught you....sad ppl must cheat on this site. play banned till june 1st -chat -play -post gnice37 11:30 PM, Sunday April 24, 2022 EDT
please follow the rules , next time will be a longer suspension or your acct will be removed +chat +play +post gnice37 10:52 PM, Saturday July 4, 2020 EDT
- 3 days for playing at same table against your alt natalier -chat -play -post gnice37 7:28 PM, Wednesday July 1, 2020 EDT

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sharp and friendly, a real pleasure to talk to.
sIack on Saturday December 31, 2016
Talks like she is a pro and just here to help us poor stupid players improve our game Her record shows she has nothing to offer Feel sorry for her
mr bill on Friday December 9, 2016
extremely annoying person who moans when she doesn't win and gloats when she sucks out. Avoid playing with this person as if your life depended on it
PoopDawg on Saturday June 14, 2014
Very special.
JulesDogg on Friday January 10, 2014
Nice player, does'nt go all in on dumb hands...
joker21 on Wednesday January 30, 2013
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