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bRock7: what's with your names RHX55: ??? bRock7: yeah u RHX55: whats with yours? bRock7: and the other R55 bRock7: there's nothing with mine i asked u first bRock7: r u the same person or what's it mean MixiM has left RHX55: lol what are you a school boy? MixiM is here special1 has left bRock7: what's a school boy RHX55: google it bRock7: thanks RHX55: your welcome LedZep has left bRock7: prick RHX55: ?? t schell is here t schell has left bRock7: im not a F'n school boy terd RHX55: why so mad? bRock7: cuz u called me a schoolboy RHX55: i asked you a question bRock7: i asked YOU a question RHX55: lmao bRock7: and u were rude RHX55: nope RQ55 has left master of poker7: stfu dickheads
RHX55 on Saturday June 4, 2016
yep straight up clown..
four loko on Monday February 24, 2014
yep straight idiot...all in with shit hands...and cries when she looses...
smokin tough on Friday February 7, 2014
complete idiot cry baby
"""landlord""" on Thursday April 4, 2013
nice try
"pebble" on Monday December 31, 2012
pebble you left out the whole beginning of the conversation so this is out of context and you would be a liar
bRock7 on Sunday December 30, 2012
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