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Bama Girl

Love is an Amazing Gift... Treat It, and Others with the Care & Respect they Deserve!!!
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Recognized on 4:29 PM, Friday September 27, 2013 EDT by Rob S.
Thank you for your support of gpokr and your willingness to help out wherever possible

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Bama is a good player
grump on Tuesday August 15, 2017
souziy1 on Wednesday June 28, 2017
No problem!! ty
Bama Girl on Thursday June 15, 2017
I'm sorry. Roll Tide!
Dick Tucker on Thursday June 15, 2017
hey Girl you are number 1!!!
pokerman4u on Thursday March 16, 2017
Thank you for adding me as a friend. You are always fun to play with at the poker table.
beacon3 on Wednesday September 17, 2014
Sorry but all this is in reviews so everyone can read it all, but the comment was written on diamondds reviews telling her to ignore sheds comments on diamondd being rude on her reviews.There was no bad comment made to diamondd but from shed. LOL so back to one happy family :o)
Luvs Ya All on Saturday May 18, 2013
no it is YOU who is confused and simon was right!! when i said "ignore her" i was telling diamond to ignore her....."her" being shed! ok so get your facts straight before you criticize people thanks
deer food on Friday May 17, 2013
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