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Amir Gholami men

pershian golf
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This player has been modded by the community

please follow the rules. next time will result in a longer ban +chat +play +post gnice37 1:05 PM, Wednesday October 1, 2014 EDT
playing 2 accts at same table -chat -play -post gnice37 3:01 AM, Sunday September 28, 2014 EDT
chat restored +chat +post gnice37 2:03 AM, Saturday September 6, 2014 EDT
please follow rules +play gnice37 10:18 PM, Monday September 1, 2014 EDT
please follow rules +play gnice37 10:18 PM, Monday September 1, 2014 EDT
alt acct....banned until September for transferring on other accounts -chat -play -post gnice37 3:03 PM, Wednesday July 23, 2014 EDT
please obey the rules. next time will be a longer ban +chat +play +post gnice37 3:02 PM, Tuesday July 1, 2014 EDT
playing against yourself and transferring against the rules. -chat -play -post gnice37 3:37 PM, Tuesday June 17, 2014 EDT

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guess my warnings were not good enough...banned until September. next time I will have you and all your accounts removed from gpokr.
gnice37 on Wednesday July 23, 2014
CHEATING AGAIN matsoyama raises $16,888 Amir Gholami men raises $33,726 matsoyama folds Amir Gholami men wins main pot $50,689
vimto on Wednesday January 8, 2014
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