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Master blaster player !!
chdsumit on Saturday January 9, 2021
Hellisha on Tuesday November 10, 2020
Inspite he hates, he is nice person, good player,
Ramu the hacker on Monday February 24, 2020
VunnamRamu: I am not cheat show me a proof yellowvette12 has left bigdaddy3 has left RHX55: you have been caught cheatin @VunnamRamu: They are not cops RHX55: read forum matrixman33 has left RHX55: you are a cheat RHX55: i hate cheats @VunnamRamu: I won on high court on that case RHX55: scum of the earth Kdelon has left @VunnamRamu: I am employee of gpokr RHX55: ahhh a cheat and a liar @VunnamRamu: To give example I played that character RHX55: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @VunnamRamu: I give you 40 k chips RHX55: no i don't cheat @VunnamRamu: Recognise me as honest person @VunnamRamu: Please RHX55: no u r a cheat big earl has left Noobie has left @VunnamRamu: Any back door for u to settle this matter joga is here Keesje has left RHX55: no lowlife no @VunnamRamu: Under table itsme1 has left @VunnamRamu: Already 10 k RHX55: ? @VunnamRamu: Given by me Minga26 has left RHX55: no LOST by u @VunnamRamu: Out of 40 k RHX55: why? RHX55: i won then fukwhit mgb1 has left @VunnamRamu: U won on me impossible guidi is here RHX55: click fold instead of wasting everyones time colt4540 is here RHX55: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @VunnamRamu: I am in meeting with hacker's RHX55: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz RHX55: u talk some shite Send
@VunnamRamu on Friday June 1, 2018
typical responce from you...especially when you get caught...i did see the whole convo...and he didnt call you any names!!!..
KC 97 on Thursday September 22, 2016
It has been taken care of, please see the review page of each player. ty
kellykellymoore on Wednesday May 18, 2016
very good humoured player
last01 on Thursday July 23, 2015
hey VAG gl this month C U N T
dodgem71 on Monday October 27, 2014
Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [Th, Qh] mark07 calls Ed_bra calls MEwin calls RHX55 raises $3,050 jjab calls mark07 calls Ed_bra folds MEwin folds Dealing flop: [Jh, 8d, 9h] Dealing turn: [8h] Dealing river: [7d] RHX55 shows [Th, Qh] for a straight flush Queen high jjab shows [3s, 3c] for two pair, eights and threes mark07 shows [6s, 4s] for a pair of eights RHX55 wins main pot $7,975 RHX55 wins side pot $900
RHX55 on Sunday January 26, 2014
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