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have mmm reset her password, this should be working w/ the new infrastructure and once she gets confirmation she will be able to chat. tell her to check spam folder if she doesnt see confirmation...thx and let me know how it goes.
gnice37 on Thursday September 1, 2022
Love playing with Dot, my neighbor to the northeast.
kevmann on Sunday March 13, 2022
Please tell Mmm that she needs to check her spam folder for the email confirmation. If it isn't there, she can purchase a 1 month boost and that will allow her to chat... Have a nice day, good luck :)
kacha_cha on Friday October 22, 2021
The oldest home in Port Maitland on the south side of highway belonged to my grandmother.... Mabel Bergin and my uncle lived there until 1990s or so. Nice playing with you tonight, even though you took all my money. Lisdowney aka Arnie Bergin
Lisdowney on Tuesday April 27, 2021
Nice player, good attitude,
Ramu the hacker on Tuesday August 25, 2020
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